For organizing the data on the disk, it is necessary to have disk partitions. It even helps in keeping the drives of the system work differently as well as the maintenance tasks which are pre-scheduled run smoothly, including cleaning, defragmenting, etc., for giving the users a better experience of computing. It is significantly not recommended to keep all the files, including data files and system files on a same drive or partition. This is because whenever you plan to format the system partition, it will even format the data as well. To make this process a lot easier, we have a partition manager free, EaseUS Partition Master.

On the other hand, we have disk management windows 10 tool which is inbuilt feature in new OS released by Microsoft on 29th July. It significantly helps in managing partitions, specifically on Windows 10 without posing any interruptions or problems or rebooting the system. It is a really useful and convenient tool for PC users. But when it is about the EaseUS Partition Master, none of the partition tools can stand against the same because it offers numerous services. So, what are the benefits of the EaseUS Partition Master? Let’s have a brief look.

EaseUS Partition Master Benefits

  • This disk partition master tool features a clean and smooth user interface and with the new versions coming in its way makes it look much better. It helps the beginners in managing their disk partitions easily and smoothly without any fears.
  • It does support larger disks up to 16TB, much larger than any other partition tool available in the market.
  • It helps in converting MBR disks without data loss to GPT disks which are faster.

Besides, these benefits of the EaseUS Partition Master, there are many more operations which the users can perform using this amazing disk partition tool. This tool features an inbuilt data backup and recovery software, which significantly helps in ensuring that in all the situations, the data will remain stored on the disk.

EaseUS Partition Master Features

Despite there are many features of the EaseUS Partition Master, we will just have a look at those which enticed the most of the users.

  • It allows to move the entire system OS from one disk to another without data loss. It is a really handy feature which allows to move the program and system files on other disks without any fear of losing them.
  • Another feature is merging the partition, where users can easily merge two or more partitions together without any data loss. The only thing which users need to remember that it just merge the preceding and succeeding partitions. For instance, merge Drive, F: with E: or G:.
  • Users are allowed to split the partitions either by enlarging or shrinking, merging or copying and exploring the disks. This tool particularly has inbuilt explorer which helps in exploring the partitions, including the hidden files in the system.

EaseUS Partition Tool Drawabacks

There are not too many drawbacks of the EaseUS partition master, but yes, it is a bit irritating when it asks to confirm for the installation of free programs, Utility Programs, Skype for Windows. While launching this software, it will ask the user for launching the partition manager again and displays few irritating product ads.

Considering everything, EaseUS Partition Master helps in making the disk management easy. It is actually a really good tool to view as well as manage all the disk partitions along with the support to larger disks. Just give it a try the next time you wish to change something or partition your hard disk.