DVDFab DVD Copy Software can be referred to as a dynamic solution to almost all problems related to DVD cloning, backup, burning, copying, and decryption. The software is capable of reading, efficiently manipulating, and systematizing the contents of DVD precisely as per the requirements of users via playing diverse roles such as that of a cloner, burner, copier, and decryptor.


Features of Copy Software

The software is available with a wide range of features. One of the most impressive of all is the 6 different copy modes:
Copy DVD

  1. Full Disc to facilitate copying of all content
  2. Customize for having a DVD with items of your choice
  3. Main Movie for copying the longest movie title
  4. Split feature for copying DVD-9 to two DVD-5 discs
  5. Clone/Burn feature for specific 1:1 copy
  6. Merge feature for mixing titles of different sources in a single DVD


The users don’t have to worry much about the initial installation. The process is very quick. Post installation, the software will ask for some settings options. These are accessible through the program’s tick top right. These are a perfect fit for more advanced users who are well versed with programming and would prefer controlling varied options such as Write Speed, Codec selection, and Burning Engine. It is possible to take control of the log files. This helps in diagnosis of any past, existing, or future issues.

DVDFab DVD Copy Software

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Removal of Protection

This is nothing new. Just as most of the other popular DVD cloners available on the market, DVDFab can remove all of the DVD copy protections. This means that the users can easily copy a protected DVD to blank disc in just twenty minutes. This can also be copied to a hard drive through the following respectively:

  • DVD+R/RW
  • DVD-R DL
  • DVD-R/RW
  • DVD+R DL

Interestingly, the users can copy DVD to DVD folder or as ISO image on hard disk. This is usually done for later use. There may be obstructions in the way of taking backups through some of the protection features or region codes including encryption. However, the tool is smart enough to ignore these diverse encryptions or region codes to facilitate stress-free backups.

The DVD Fab tool will copy:

DVD-9 to DVD-9


DVD-5 to DVD-5

This is done progressively.

Additionally, the tool will compress DVD-9 to DVD-5 sans any significant loss. The output is incredible. This is not all. DVDFab is capable of copying damaged or scratched discs. Users simply love it for the proficiency to copy a movie despite the presence of unreadable IFO files. The preview screen facilitates viewing of selected content in the accurate ratio before initiating the copy procedure. Unfortunately, the DVDFab lacks in some important features such as the ripping option for Blu-rays.

User Friendly

The tool is also known widely for its user friendly approach. The user interface is designed efficiently and looks impressive. Copy mode is chosen towards the left. The Target and Source are set at the top. The program window also offers a number of other options specific to the mode as chosen by the user such as choice of chapters while customizing a disc. Things are quite intuitive when it comes to ensuring control over various options. Users can use the preview screen via popping up bottom left. It permits the users to see the chosen content in the accurate ratio prior to initiating the process of copying in order to steer clear of setup related errors. The development report for each copy is given in detail to help users know where they precisely stand.

Support / Help

The tool offers excellent support system for its users simply by clicking the question mark visible right at the top right of the program window. This ensures instant access to the best of online tutorials. The tutorials offered cover the entire FabDVD suite. One can also gain access to a search. Although finding these tutorials are a little tough, they have been designed in an impressive manner with helpful videos and screenshots. FAQ section of the website is available. Users can also expect decent email support options.

The Good

  • 100% support for all DVDs
  • Numerous copy modes
  • Excellent cloning quality
  • Multi-language support
  • Super fast
  • Protection removal
  • ISO support
  • Selective cloning

The Bad

The software doesn’t come integrated with a mobile device or Blu-ray support.

In a Nutshell

All in all, DVDFab DVD Copy Software [LINK] is an ideal tool for DVD copying. It offers a wide range of advanced options as compared to most of its rivals. Some users may find this lacking in some of the regular features such as the video conversion. Still, considering the variety of features, price, and performance, this software makes for an awesome choice for all.