Subway surfers for PC Subway surfer is growing too popular as one of the popular game for your android phone. It is actually too interesting game and binds the player to play it till end. The characters of this play are too cute and interesting. Some players of this game are available without any cost and for the rest of them you have to share some of your earned coin. A traffic police runs after the main character who is trying to earn maximum coins in this game. The main character tries to protect him/her from that chase. The chase starts on the railway track where trains are passing from every track and the main character had to protect himself/herself from the traffic police officer as well as from the trains or other infrastructure. You are being chased by the police officer as some rules have been broken by you (as while playing his game you treat yourself as the player). You as a player collect coins, magic box which comes with various gifts, power ups, pumpkin and many more surprises. Recently a new feature is added in this game which says,” Save me.” Earlier the game used to end when you crashed with train and you had to start from beginning but now you have option to resume the game even if you have crashed with the train. The game is already an exciting one and this feature had turned it more desirable. Now you can have this game on your PC too. Subway surfers for PC are expected to be the next most demanding download PC game after angry bird. You can have the same fun over the biggest screen.

Subway surfers for PC

Subway surfers for PC

Officially none of the software has been launched till now for downloading this game over your PC. Still you can enjoy the fun involved in this game as well as other android game over your computer through the aid of Android Emulator. This software is used for downloading Subway surfers for PC and running it. Use any Android application over your computer via it without any hick ups.

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There are few steps that you need to follow while downloading this android game for free on your PC. Download it for your PC via few easy steps. Bluestacks is an essential program that you need to download first if you are looking forward to play android games for free over your PC.

1)  Firstly download Bluestacks.
2)  Install it on your PC.
3)  After the completion of installation process open Bluestacks.
4)  Search “my app” and then look for “ Subway surfers”
5)  You will see an icon created for shortcut over your PC.
6)  With an easy click enjoy the endless fun involve in this game without paying any android fee.

It will be an outstanding experience packed with fun. You are going to admire this experience.

Now the question arises how you will play it on your PC?

After installing Bluestacks over your PC restart it and move to Apk file linked with Subway surfers through Bluestacks. Some easy instruction will appear. Follow them. Subway surfers are finally installed over your PC with ease.