Till today you might be reading papers in your Smartphone which must be boring for you to answer. In the past decades people used to listen news on radios, but now in this advanced era those days have gone. Now everyone has a Smartphone with an internet connection so that they can be connected with the latest updates of news. So what if you can watch live news in your Smartphone? If you use 3G data plan, then you must try watching live TV. You will have awesome experience when you watch online news rather reading the boring newspaper. It is even estimated that visual experience creates more impact on our learning ability rather than simply reading. This is the reason why now-a-days digital reading has created more impact on the academic front. So now access Live News Android Apps free download for your Smartphone. So please have a look at them.

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This is the first free news app in our list among the top 5 free news apps. This application gives the updates of all over the world. This is the best application you can have in your Smartphone to watch online news if you come across any problem with your cable network or any set-up box. You can watch this channel without and with flash player in 2G and 3G on your mobile or tablet.



The name itself indicates that it covers almost all the news channels from all over the world. You can find the following news channels under this category. They are: Samaa, Duniya news, Ary news, CNBC, GEO, TEZ 1, Capital 1, Capital 2, Haryana, HUM TV, Tnews, ABP, Studio, NDTv 24X7, NDTv, EtTV, NEWS Time, Bangla and much more… Once you download this app then you will come to know the quantity of channels available in this app. There are plenty of options available with this, that it is difficult to mention in this article. And moreover to download this app you need not require any extra plug-in or any addons. You just need to download this app and install it on your Smartphone and enjoy the live news channels.



This app covers all news channels from all over India. It gives the latest updates of news on your Smartphone immediately. I guess it is the fastest news channel you can have for your Android phone. So you just need to install this application on your phone and start watching live Indian news channels.



This app gives the best quality news and current affair channels from all around the world. This app covers almost all major news and current affair channels. You can enjoy more HD channels in this app through your Smartphone. You can listen news in many languages in this app like English, Japanese, Hindi, Urdu, Korean, French, Arabic and much more.



This is the best known Hindi channel available. It provides with all the latest updates happening in the town. This is best for those who would like to watch news in Hindi language. So if you would like to watch 24 hour Hindi news channel then just install this app on your android and enjoy watching it.


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