I have already posted a post on ” Top 10 websites to download hindi bollywood mp3 songs for free ” earlier. In today’s post i gonna share top 10 sites to download English songs (Hollywood) for free. Now, these days, Mp3s and free downloading changes the way of music. nobody going for purchasing CDs/DVD for any music. old and latest songs are downloaded from directly internet for free. first thing is you have to search on internet for sites where you can download any of English or any type of songs for free. but here’s I’ve collected 10 best sites where you can download English songs for 100% free. to save your time for searching best sites to download English songs check out these top 10 websites to Download English Songs.

1. Ez- Tracks
Ez-tracks is one of popular website for it’s free songs and video downloading. the good thing is that there you can get detailed information about all artists and purchase concert tickets (valid for only few countries).

2. Artists direct
Artists direct isn’t only a downloading site. there you can also find news about songs, videos, and artists. that’s one of reason why artists direct a hit with music aficionados from around the globe. also,there you can download mp3s, videos, photos, and much more.

3. Beemp3
Beepmp3 is a famous sites for downloading English songs for long. There you can find the details of every song including album name, artist, year of release etc. Lyrics and a YouTube video link are also given below with almost all songs.

4. Last FM
Last FM is also one of the most popular website on the web. where people listen to their favorite tracks. the websites also allows searches to find songs under various categories like Rock, Jazz, Pop, etc. it also displays a list of related songs below every songs. flipping from one song to another, users can really explore a lot of music.

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5. 4Shared
4Shared is a file sharing website, and visitor not only share English songs but can also share other files liek : Games, Software, E-Book and much more. i recommended you to bookmark this website if you are a music lover who likes downloading and uploading music.

6. EMP3 World
Emp3 world is a unique website which allows users to manipulate the content of the website and make changes. that’s why the website has a large number of users today. their automated algorithm is adept at detecting songs most searched by users, it then searches them from the internet and adds to the website database.

7. Mp3fusion
Mp3fusion has more than 100k songs. on it’s website. you have the option to play or download music, according to your wish. one of the best thing about this website is that lyrics are featured with every song you play or download. so you can sit back, choose a song and let the website play it for you along with the lyrics.

8. YourMp3
Yourmp3 is also one of the best place where you can download English songs for free. this website can help you to explore some of the best tracks.

9. Kohit
Kohit is an interesting website for downloading English songs for free. it has a collection of over 400k songs. you can play songs, directly download them or even create online playlist. the special feature of the website is direct access to MTV hits. which are regularly updated. there you haven’t need to do any research for good songs.

10. Seeka Song
Seeka song is offers large variety of English songs for downloading. In the front page, you can see a list of all time top download and also the top 50 downloads. so you can get started in no time! there you can also search songs by artist or song name using search bar of the website.