If you don’t know what is malware then let me tell about it, in short malware is malicious software, it’s as old as software itself, and programmers have been authoring it for as long. There are many reasons why a programmer might create malware. Creating a malware is a crime but some programmers create it for simple pranks and experiments. commonly most of malware are viruses, worms, trojans, zombies and spyware. it can be dangerous on individuals, corporations and governments. now security experts noticed a scary trend in malwar – website infections. When blog or website is infected, all the visitors to that any particular website can be catch the bugs and further spread the malware. if your blog gets infected then your blog can be restored again but what about your readers and their trust? so, it’s better to keep habit to check and scan your blog for malwar.  In this article, we will discuss on how to check your blog for malware and how to scan your blog for malware as well.

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so, now let’s check your blog for if it contains malware or not, so, You must have added your blog to webmaster tool for checking malware in your blog. if you haven’t added then check out : how to add your blog to Google webmaster tools. begin by logging into Google Webmaster Tools and choose your site, and go to dashboard—>Health–>Malware. then now if your blog is clear then there you will see a message : “Google has not detected any malware on this site.” then just relax and sit back :)

But if you blog have malware then you should quickly take action on it, In the internet you can find many other 3rd party website where you can scan and remove the malware from your blog like : Sucuri, VirusTotal Scanner, Comodo Web Inspector

Hope you find this post useful and it will help your to protect your blog or website to any kind of malware, drop your comment and questions below :)