Well, i am not from any other planets or not strictly against to my reader’s feedback and comments, In fact i love the feedback from my readers and their encouraging words after I’ve published article or tutorials on my blog. but still there are some reasons that hurts me and forced me to shutting off comments and finally, i decided to disable the ability of comments on this blog. So, here i would like to share my feelings in 3 reasons, why i disabled the comments system on this blog.

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However, a lot of readers of this blog are there who follows my blog for reading and learning something. and one of the encouraging thing is that they leaves genuine comments so, if you are one of them, and want to do continuously, communicate with us then we have enabled forum system for you and you are always welcome to join it. By joining our forum you can ask something on almost all topics and then you will get the best answers by the community members or admin (me).

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This is the first reason of shutting off comments in my blog even i don’t like to hear this word. those days are gone were people commenting to get help or give any good suggestions / feedback but now, intention of commenting has changed, people commenting to get backlinks and traffic. they don’t care about our blog and the article even they don’t know what we’ve wrote in the article.

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This is second reason that forcing me to disable comment system as well. as i mentioned above about the intention that people are commenting for getting backlink for their blog or website, no problem if they gives feedback or suggestion then i will don’t mind but “NO” as i said they don’t care about the article what we’ve wrote and they need a backlink and for the backlink they will write whatever, anything. yes, some days ago, i received a comment on blogger tutorial related article but the comment was about android :

Thanks for one more great article about android games
Keep it up ! “

What does it mean? :/


Third reason, that i am sure, all WordPress users are facing same issue of spam comments. well, i used some plugins to get rid of spam comments but still i received a lot of spam comments daily i west my time in removing them. However there is available an option to remove all spam comments at once but the problem was that sometimes it considering some good comments into spam so, that i have to move it to the comments tab by clicking on not spam link.

So, these were the reasons of disabling comments system in this blog, If you have any query or need to inform something then you should use our contact form or you can find us on Facebook | Twitter | Google+ .

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And if you have any questions regarding anything, then you can join our forum to ask and definitely you will get response by community member or admin.

Thanks :)