It is a saying that ‘First Impressions are important.’ But what I feel is that they are not everything, or they are not the last impression. Because a person can correct their mistakes and if you would ask me, then I would just say that first impression is always the wrong one. Ah! Not always but yes, 99% of people make their first impression as a wrong one. But it is paramount to have a good impression for the first time if the job done is important or if someone special has done something important for you.

Today, I am here with the list of commonly different ways to say ‘nice to meet you.’ Whether you meet people socially or for work, meeting new people for the first time, then it’s quite important to express the positivity and pleasure within you. Saying ‘Nice to meet you’ is a positive impression on the other person whom you met and even marks the beginning of a long partnership or friendship.

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If you are meeting a person for the first time for work or business or in a FORMAL way:

  • You can use the phrase ‘Pleased to meet you’ at the beginning of the meeting.

  • ‘It’s a pleasure to meet you’ is another phrase which means that you are looking forward in a positive manner. You can use it in the beginning while addressing the concerned person.

  • A phrase which you can use at the end of your meeting is ‘It’s been a pleasure meeting you.’ It means that you had a pleasure meeting the person and all went well in a positive way.

If you are meeting the known people like your family or friends or in an INFORMAL way:

  • You can use ‘It’s lovely to meet you’ while meeting your loved one at the beginning itself.

  • If you are meeting a person in a friendly way, then you can use the phrase ‘Glad to meet you.’

  • A phrase which you can use at the end of meeting your loved one is ‘It was lovely meeting you.’ You can even use this phrase after having a social meeting or an enjoyable date.

  • If you are glad encountering a person or you have made a new friend, then you can use ‘it was nice to have met you.’

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Some Other ways to say ‘Nice to meet you’

In this section, I will be talking about those phrases which you can use both in a formal as well as in an informal way instead of using ‘Nice to Meet You.’

  • If you accidently meet a person for whom you anticipated to meet professionally or personally, then you can say ‘How wonderful to meet you.’

  • If you are meeting a person professionally or personally whom you have met before, then you can say ‘Great seeing you.’

  • You can say ‘Great interacting with you’ instead of ‘Nice to meet you’ just after finishing your first interaction with the concerned person professionally or personally.

  • While taking a leave after a fun date or a great meeting, you can say ‘I had a great time or meeting.’

You can even have fun watching this video below and learn about different ways to say ‘Nice to meet you.’