It seems more often than not; we are more interested in our job than having fun. There is a good reason for this. We rely on our job as a source of income. It is a necessity. Leisure is a want. Or is it? Actually, leisure is just as important as work and there are lots of ways people enjoy it. Some admire paintings. Others enjoy their spare time with their animals.

Either with pets or bigger beasts, an animal can be a brilliant companion for plenty of different hobbies. Some of these may even encourage you to go out and get that pet you have wanted since you were a young girl or boy.


Swimming: Swimming is a brilliant way to spend your spare time. It relieves stress; it is fantastic exercise, and it is very refreshing. You may or may not be surprised to know your dog loves it too. Why not go swimming with him sometime? Obviously we are not suggesting you take your dog down to your nearest swimming pool. But there are plenty of places you and your dog can swim together. If it is hot enough, you can enjoy the waves down on the beach. Or, how about a paddle in your nearest lake? If it is safe, you can always take a trip down to the river. Remember, it is not just dogs that enjoy swimming. Other pet animals love it too.


Horse Riding: Surprisingly, this takes a lot more bravery than you may first believe. In fact, a study has shown that horseback riding is as dangerous as taking ecstasy. This is mainly due to the severe injuries that can occur if you lose your grip or balance and fall off. It seems strange to think that this is still a hobby that many adults and even children spend their weekend doing. But we certainly see the appeal. It takes a lot of skills and there is nothing quite like when your horse makes his first jump. You can also form a great connection with your animal. During horseback riding, you are dependant on the horse as much as the horse is dependent on you.

However, a horse is a big responsibility. If you own your teammate, you have to make sure it has a good shelter like a stable. Like other animals, worming is also important. Make sure you use an equest wormer regularly. You also need to ensure your animal is getting the best diet and is in good shape for galloping and jumping.


Hill Walking: Similar to swimming, this is an activity dogs are best for. They love going on long walks as much as we do. You can take them as far as you like, providing that you give them the proper rest. Also, make sure you pack for them as well as yourself. You will need to take your dogs bowl as well as water and food. We also recommend you have regular breaks. Your dog may not always find a way to tell you when he is tired.

You should also be aware of the country code. This means standards you are expected to meet when enjoying leisure activities in the country. For instance, in some areas you may not be allowed to let your dog off its lead. This is often due to the season and the wildlife present in the area. You must look out for signs stating this if you are walking in the country. Farmers often adopt a “shoot on sight” policy if they see a dog off its lead on their land.


Competitions: We have already mentioned horses. There are plenty of competitions you can take part in with this type of animal. For instance, horse jumping and racing as well as polo. But other animals can take part in different competitions. For instance, you can take your dog to a dog show. If your dog is incredibly well trained, there is no reason not to give this hobby a try. Or, you could check out dog grooming. If you love when your dog looks its best, this may be the perfect pastime for you.


We know we put farmers in a bad light with pet owners, but you should remember something. The love their pets. They even have specific competitions for farming. They see how fast their dogs can round the sheep up and put them in a pen. Colliers are particularly good at this due to a higher intelligence compared to other breeds. You can train your dog to do almost anything with you. If you are a keen hunter, your dog can be trained to collect your winnings for you.


Entertainment: Many animal lovers use their pets to earn a little bit more cash in their spare time. You may have heard of the most recent scandal involving Britain’s Got Talent. But it does not have to be that way. If you have a pet with a special trick why not show it off for the public to see. You can do this on the streets of your town or at a special event. Just make sure you get permission first.

Do you have a blog? You could set one up based on telling people the activities of your pets. Animals are funny creatures, and many people find interesting stories to tell about their own loved little ones. Or, you could offer advice based on your own experiences. You would be surprised how much money you could make from this fun hobby. People love reading about the cute things pets do.


Photography: If you love to take pictures of the life around you, why not include your pet? We are not suggesting you dress it up. Admittedly some people go this route. But you can also just catch your animal in its natural habitat. Or just looking peaceful curled up by the fire. Again, if your photography is particularly good, you can turn this hobby into a second income.

Whatever their passion, in their pastime many people love to include their pets. Maybe you can too? We hope we have shown you how much fun you can have with owning an animal.