Difference between sponsored post and Guest Post
Newbies are confused about Sponsored post and Guest post this article will give clear view about the GP and SP. Common thing between both the cases they will depend on PR and DA. If you have high PR and DA you will get Guest Post and Sponsored post.

Sponsored Post:-

  • You will be paid for that article by the client because he will be benefited by your blog with High Google PR (Page Rank), Alexa and DA (Domain Authority)
  • You have to write your sponsored article campaign given by the client
  • They are promoting their company by paying to you and getting backlink from high PR Blogs
  • Some of the clients they provide a content and asking the bloggers to publish the content and they will pay XXX$ to blogger.
  • 99% of the bloggers won’t check the quality of the content provided by the client because they are paying XXX$ they won’t check the quality of content and publish the low quality content/crap what they are providing.
  • For sponsored post we are getting clients actually they are seo experts for the companies and they are not an expert writers.
  • The noticeable things here is newbies pay attention on these content which they are providing and check the quality of content and if possible rewrite with the exact quality and publish your sponsored posts
  • Actually its one of the best tip for the fellow bloggers who accepts Sponsored posts.
  • If you are not going to do this no one gonna question you and your page will be De-ranked in Google and site ranking will be surely down.
  • So to avoid this in future please take these safety tips. All you know that prevention is better than cure.
  • The Main things about the sponsored posts is they are two of links are provided by the clients. Some will mention about the links and some don’t.
  • They are Normal Links and Casino Links. You will get Lesser Payments for Normal Links like XX$ but in the case of casino links you will be paid more like XXX$.
  • I recommend the normal links although if you get lesser payments because you can alter the content and it won’t much harm to your blog.
  • But if you accept the Casino Links then bad time starts for your blog! Because Casino links are about gambling, betting, types of games which is not recommended and it will surely affect immediately with upcoming Page Rank and It may have lots of chances to Penalize your site from search engine so I won’t encourage you to have casino links although if they has high quality of content.
  • Because it’s completely against to Google adsense Policies
  • Some of SEO Experts are too smarter now-a-days because people are creating a Fake profiles in social networks and contact you directly from social networks.
  • So they will ask for Guest Post for free and giving the content by their company links what they are working for with that they are getting a sponsored as free by having a deal with you as Guest Post and Showing to their company as Sponsored Posts.
  • So Beware never encourage those kind of people else you will be in trouble.
  • Keep it in mind Sponsored posts links will be always in content not in Guest Author about page so if any asks  a Guest post with in link in content never accept them if you want you can say it won’t be considered as a Guest Post it will be considered as Sponsored ask them to pay for them then after you can publish those articles
  • It’s not recommended provide more than one link in an article so avoid linking more links in a single post

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Guest Posts:-

Hope you will understand about the Sponsored so coming to the part of Guest Post you need to follow certain rules and safety tips below. I think you will get a better explanation about a Guest post.

  • If you are accepting Guest Post from your blog. You need keep a Page with rules and regulations to write a Guest Post.
  • The Guest Posts means you don’t need to worry about content because all bloggers clearly knows that “content is the King” according to Blogging Strategy.
  • So you know that Expert writer or bloggers only write for Guest Posts for getting links to their sites.
  • But you need to mention the content quality guidelines in Guest Posts Rules and regulations Page. Because Newbie Guest authors may don’t know about these thing so we need to guide them
  • As I mentioned in Sponsored post the links must in guest Author about Page.
  • Beware make sure that he/she is a blogger or not and check that linked page in author bio is his/her page and publish
  • Take your own time to publish article means mention in rules and regulations page that the Guest authors article will go some tests like copyscape test(for uniqueness of content/original content), author verification, and picture/video verification.
  • Main thing is that it has compile with Google Adsense and webmaster policies to safeguard your revenue and rankings.
  • The content (Guest Post) will according to your blog Niche based otherwise it will be like In Bar we are selling baby products and fruits.
  • These are Main measures if you follow these the Guest post from your blog looks superb and awesome in this process Guest Author and Guest post providing blog owner will be mutually benefited and you will get more Guest posts where your blogs automatically and articles will flooded daily and you will good Revenue

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Sponsored Posts you will get Instant Revenue and your blog rating may go down according to your content and links you are allowed to publish in your blog.

Guest Post you will be benefited later and that too if you follow strict rules and regulations with pre-assigned rules to your blog. So they are many experienced bloggers who has got more revenue from Sponsored Post and could not survive for long time and in the same case bloggers who are surviving for long time still getting benefited from their Guest Posts!