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The word Login is being used the set of credentials which help the users in gaining access to the particular area which does involve a proper authorization. Alternatively, the word Login is also known as sign in, Logon. It is being used for gaining access to the bulletin boards, computers and networks as well as other devices and services or for controlling them. At present, 99% of the login ask for a username and a password.


The word ‘login’ is a noun while the word ‘log-in’ is an adjective and both the words are spelled as one-word only. These words describe the details which are required to sign-in or accessing any account. The word ‘Log in’ is spelled as two words and is a verb used for describing the action of accessing the accounts. For instance, You need to have your login information to log in to your account for accessing your emails. This sentence uses both word forms. If a user is unable to login to their account due to improper password or username, then it is only possible to access the account, only if you are using the online services, like Facebook, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail and any other, where you can use the feature of Forget or Reset Password for resetting it.

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