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A device which is significantly designed for entering data onto the computers and other devices is known as a Keyboard. It is a major part of the output device available with computers, but is known as text input device and is similar to an electric-typewriter keyboards in its looks. Also, the computer keyboards feature few additional keys than the electric-typewriter keyboards. The keys are classified as Alphanumeric keys, which includes the numbers and the letters; Punctuation keys, which includes the semicolon, comma and other similar keys and Special keys, which includes the control keys, arrow keys, function keys and so on.

There are three major types of Computer Keyboards, which includes PC keyboard (84 keys), AT keyboard (84 keys) and an Enhanced keyboard (101 keys). We do not have any standard keyboard for the computers and these three only differs in the placement of its function keys, like Shift Keys, the Control Key and the Return Key. In addition, in all the keys on a keyboard, it also contains Pause, Caps Lock, Home, Page Down, Page Up, Insert, End, Print Screen, Break, NUM Lock and Scroll Lock keys. The first modern keyboard was designed by Christopher Sholes in 1868, which is purely based on a typewriter.

The keyboards allow people to input the numbers as well as the text and other symbols onto the computers and other devices, which significantly functions as being commanded by the user. Most of the keyboards available in the market are similar in their looks, but few sections are missing, like keypad, the major difference in the layout of the keyboards. We have QWERTY keyboards available which are even popular too, but still few people prefer using DVORAK keyboards. The QWERTY keyboards were designed specifically for the mechanical typewriters in the 1800s as well as for slow typists in order to avoid the blocking of the keys. The DVORAK keyboards are designed for speed typing with all the common letters in the middle row.


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