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Keyboard shortcut


When the combination of keys on the keyboard is used for performing any task easily and quickly by pressing 2 or more keys simultaneously, is known as the keyboard shortcut. For instance, pressing the keys Ctrl+Alt+Del will display the Task Manager Utility for application, control and system monitoring. There are numerous keyboard shortcuts, few popular ones are Ctrl+V (paste), Ctrl+Z (undo), Ctrl+C (copy), Ctrl+X (cut) and Ctrl+P (print).

In other words, keyboard shortcut means invoking an OS or a software operation by pressing a series of keyboard keys. Its meaning too varies according to the software manufacturers. For instance, keyboard shortcuts are differentiated from the ‘hotkeys’ and are known as mnemonics on Windows as well as consisting of a few key combinations which are triggered for carrying the actions or operations. The other names referred to keyboard shortcut is accelerator key or a shortcut.

Though the keyboard shortcuts are not intuitive like the point-and-click mouse actions, but are for the beginners for frequently using the programs to easily and quickly getting to locations faster than using a mouse. They are not case-sensitive and universal. Also, we can use a ‘caret (^)’ for denoting Ctrl.

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