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javascriptJavaScript is a programming language, developed by Brendan Eich and was renamed in 1995. It was originally developed as LiveScript.

This programming language is a scripting language which does allow the web designers for inserting the codes to their developed web pages. The code runs directly from the web page and is placed in ASP or HTML file.

Hello, World! in JavaScript

<! -- Hide from old browsers
document.write('Hello World!');
// Stop hide -->

It is significantly used for performing tasks like creating a calendar, printing the date and time as well as other tasks which are not possible to carry forward using plain HTML.

It is important to use the Internet browser which has the capability of viewing JavaScript along with enabled JavaScript execution.

The files of JavaScript are engrafted in the HTMl file, but the codes can also be saved in the external file. This external file ends with a file extension, .js.

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