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Google-PlusIn June 2011, Google introduced its new social networking service, Google+ which is alternatively abridged as G+ or Google Plus or GPlus. Few features of Google+ include:

  • A section named Circles wherein the users can easily break their family, friends, acquaintances and others in different groups. It particularly allow the users in sharing, communicating as well as viewing the similar interests.
  • A video chat Google+ feature, Hangouts which allow the users to experience video chat with maximum 10 people at a time.
  • The Huddle is another feature of Google+ which allow the users in communicating with people of a same circle. This feature is available on Android and iPhone devices which work similarly to the SMS app.
  • The feature, Instant Uploads is available on Android devices which allow the users to automatically upload the photos as well as the videos in a private album. It significantly makes sharing easy.

The section Sparks allow the users with searching about the interests of content. For instance, a spark for ‘making different’ could be created.

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