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The word “dating” means different to every person actually different to different generations. It is basically an intimate relationship between two people which may be sexual but actually doesn’t have to. It can be casual as well as serious between gay or straight, can be an open relationship or a committed one, long or short-term. But dating can happen in each and every kind of intimate relationship. In other words, dating is a component of the human mating process, i.e. for companionship a relationship is built up which is significantly more than friendship and with an aim to have an intimate relationship or marriage.


In my personal view, Dating is not meeting your girlfriend or boyfriend for having sex, but actually meeting a person who loves you and whom you love. Even, you can have a date with your family member too with whom you are comfortable in expressing your love with each other, your likes and dislikes or do whatever you want to which makes you feel comfortable. Some people even think that, dating is finding a perfect match for yourself who can have sex with you comfortably throughout your life whether being with you as a partner or a mate so that you never feel alone and bored with the same partner. It is just an opportunity for two people.

There are multiple types of dating which you or maybe your friends use. Everyone has different meaning to tell about dating and relationships. No matter what you call it, you must feel comfortable in any relationship you are into. Let’s see the commonly used words which are used for describing the word “dating”:

  • Going out and chilling with your loved one
  • Together going for walks or movies or lunch/dinner and everywhere
  • Being with a person with whom you are more comfortable in taking out everything
  • Seeing each other frequently and chilling out alone comfortably
  • Going out with wife or hubby
  • The status of being just friends
  • You can call friends with benefits
  • Addicted to a person

Irrespective of the word you use for “dating”, meaning should remain the same for you as well as for your partner.

The meaning of the word dating particularly depends on the perception of a person that what actually he/she expects from their partner while spending the exclusive time with them. It is the beginning when people want to know about the person for committing themselves into forever relationship. There is simply no harm in dating and even you can easily take your dating relationship as far ahead with an intimate one. It is all about sharing a comfortable space with a person without disruption by anyone and let your feelings go. Talking your heart out with the person with whom you are comfortable is actually dating.

Few people mix and match dating with “being in a relationship” but honestly, the more confusing of the two is the word “dating”. Though the difference between the two is quite elusive but what actually matters is the boundaries of the relationship as well as the conversations. If two persons have not yet decided to date each other exclusively than it is actually dating as you both are free for meeting other people around and dating them. What matters the most is the communication between two people. The best way to take out on a date is directed in a friendly manner.

We really can’t give you a real answer to the question “What is dating?” because it is a kind of media through which a person tries to understand each other in and out.

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