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We have 2 distinct definitions for Blogger.

  • One is a person who writes content on a website or weblog, is known as a Blogger. And if you are a blogger and writing on a blog, then it is known as Blogging.
  • Secondly, Blogger is a Google’s blog-publishing service which is also known as Blogspot. This service allows the users in creating their own blogs easily. It was originally started in August 1999 by Pyra Labs, but now owned by Google since Februray 2003. For starting a blog from Blogger, You just have to sign in via your Google Account. And in some minutes you will be able to start your own blog. The blog URL will be look like this : You can also use custom domain for your blog which is not mandatory.

    Recently Blogger announced a security update which includes https encryption for the .blogspot blogs. Blogger is one of the most used blogging service in the world, mainly because it provides simple and easy blog configuration and it’s free. Most of the newbie bloggers start their blogging journey through Blogger.

    Blogger provides multi user blogging service which means that in one blog; More than one user can write and maintain the blog. Blogger defined the limit of the blogs per account to 100. While there is no limit on how much pages and posts could be in each blog.

    In some countries if you open a blog via, it may redirect to the country specific address like to if the blog is accessed in India.

    Blogger have a configuration tab named as layout which will define the structure of your blog. This means that the widgets, posts, etc will be showed where it’s been defined in the Blogger Layout.

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