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Blogger Template


Blogger Template is the one which determines the design of the blog. Don’t confuse with Blogger Layout which defines the structure of the blog. Basically Blogger provides 7 types of templates from which you can choose one.

  1. Simple
  2. Dynamic Views
  3. Picture Window
  4. Awesome Inc.
  5. Watermark
  6. Ethereal
  7. Travel

In each type, you will find near 2 or more templates which are different from each other by its color and/or style.

You can customize the Template by going to the Blogger -> Template (of the Blog you want to change) -> Edit HTML/ Customize. Edit HTML will take you to the Coding which means that you can change the design of blog by changing the code itself. While Customize will take you to the Visual Editing Page in which you can change the design of the blog visually. We can say Customize is for beginner while Edit HTML is for the one who have basic knowledge of XML/ HTML/ CSS/ JavaScript.

Blogger also provides facility to enable Mobile optimization which will show the blog with mobile friendly nature when the blog is opened from the mobile which will add ?m=1 to your blog URL, But this isn’t necessary if your blog’s template is responsive. (Responsive: If the Blog Template is designed for optimal viewing which means that the content and navigation should be easily accessible from desktop to mobile devices then it’s called Responsive Design.)

There are many free Blogger Templates available in the market which are responsive. You can use that in your blog. If you want to design your own template then you can do it via changing the code of the Template. One thing to note here is that before you tweak your blog’s template, make sure you’ve backed it up because sometimes error occurs which leads to bad appearance of the blog, in this case you should restore the backed up template if error doesn’t solve quickly.

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