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Blogger Layout


Blogger Layout means the structure of your blog on This means that the widgets, posts, header, footer, sidebar will be showed on the blog where it’s been allocated in the Blogger Layout. In case you don’t know, Blogger is a blog publishing service which was developed by Pyra Labs but bought by Google in 2003.

Blogger Layout mainly divided into 3 parts:
Header Section: Mostly contain the Blog logo, tagline and the navigation bar.
Main Section: Mostly contain the Posts, Widgets which includes Subscription box, Recent Posts, Labels/Categories, Blog archive, Search Box (A search bar could be in Header Section also) etc.
Footer Section: Mostly contain the copyright, sitemap and other pages’ links and Credits to Template owner(s) if the blog’s Template isn’t developed by the blog owner.

Blogger Layout

In the Blogger Layout, The adding and moving of widgets is easy and not so clunky. Blogger recently added a widget called “Featured Post” which will allow you to highlight a special post on your blog. In case you want to write something in normal text or via HTML/ CSS/ JavaScript code, blogger also provides a widget called “HTML/JavaScript” which does the job greatly.

To change the Main Page and Post Page Options like Number of posts on main page, Author Name will be displayed or not will be configured from going to Blogger -> Layout (of the Blog you want to change) -> Blog Posts -> Edit.

So there is so much that you can do quickly via Blogger Layout without changing the Blogger Template itself, so it’s an advantage of Blogger.

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