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AdWords is a Google advertising service for those businesses which wants to display their banner ads on the Google’s advertising network as well as on Google itself using Adsense. It significantly allow the businesses for setting up their budget associated with advertising and pays only when people click on the banner ads. The ad services associated with AdWords focus significantly on the keywords.


AdWords help the businesses in creating all the relevant ads focused with those keywords, which people use while searching on Google. If you apply the same keyword, then whenever a person search with the same keyword, your ad will trigger to be shown. These are basically found at the top of the page as “Sponsored Links” or just above the Google search results.

If a person clicks on your ad shown in the Google search results, then the person will be directed to your website directly. To use AdWords, the website owner has to sign up for an AdWords account and then it allows for setting up the advertising campaigns for all the relevant keywords associated with the website. Also, it does allow to view the reports as well as select the desired CPC and much more.

Using AdWords significantly helps in targeting more people to your website using Google search engine. For instance, a website associated with women’s footwear could set up a campaign for all the users searching for a particular shoe style available on the website.

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