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Advertise is a term associated with Internet for describing the images or the text which is considerably placed on a particular web page for promoting the products and services of the other company. Most of the times the advertisement ad on the web page is in a form of a button or a banner placed in the sidebar, bottom or at the top of the web page. It significantly helps in keeping all the online services free, which further helps in handling the website from the money generated through advertising.

Ad or Ads
An advertisement which is available on the top, bottom or side of a web page is known as Ad. The Banner ads are the most common ads used for advertising the products and services.

Ad Rotation
The advertising campaigns as well as the websites do have numerous banners placed in random places. An Ad which rotates in all the web pages smoothly is known as Ad rotation.

Ad Network
Ad Network is basically a company which is held responsible for handling the advertising of the companies. For instance, AdWords handles the advertising through sites with Adsense or on Google and Adsense handles the advertising for the web publishers.

Also, Active Directory has got an acronym, AD.

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