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Address Bar


The term Address Bar is being used for describing the text box, wherein a person used to enter the address of a website, the URL in the Internet Browser. Alternatively, the term Address Bar is also known as URL bar, address box or location bar.

For instance, to have an outlook of the dictionary on Making Different, “” must be mentioned in the Address Bar of the browser, available on the top of the window.

The address bar particularly helps the users in entering the IP address or the URL of the website or page they want to visit. Also, the users can save those pages for viewing them later.

All the recently visited pages can be viewed by a down arrow on the Address Bar of newer browsers. The look of the address bar depends on the version of your Internet browser, especially it is different in Internet Explorer versions.

Address Bar in Mozilla firefox browser:
Address Bar - Mozilla Firefox

All the Internet Browser latest versions, like Internet Explorer as well as Chrome has got a new Address Bar, known as Omnibox. It works similarly to address bar, but it does support more than the Internet address. Omnibox also supports multiple special features, including searching, depending on the browser.

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