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Account Lockout


Account Lockout is a security feature with a login, which is being used with the operating systems as well as the services.

This feature can lock any account which has failed the login attempt multiple times, i.e. more chances than the set parameter.

For instance, just for 1 hour, a system can lock an account which has failed to login after multiple trials within a 10-minute time frame.

This security feature helps in keeping the account safe and secure by preventing people from guessing the password or username correctly.

After your account is being locked, then it is a must to wait for the set amount of time to login back again.
Account lockout
In windows, we have a Group Policy Object (GPO) where we can set the Windows Policy.

Usually, there are 3 default policies, i.e. Account Lockout duration (specifically tells about for how many minutes the account will remain locked), Account Lockout threshold (specifically tells about how many trials a person can take before account lockout) and Reset Account Lockout counter after (specifies about the counter reset-time if there are no failed login attempts). The best setting for Account lockout is 60, 10 and 30.

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