Handy, portable, good-looking… just some of the things we all want in a laptop computer. But which laptop is right for you? Whether you’re a student, a gamer, or a casual browser, we give you the lowdown on Dell laptops.

Dell is one of the most established players in the laptop and computing market, so it’s no surprise that it makes a range of laptops to suit most people’s pockets and preferences. At the basic end of the range is its Inspiron Notebook, which retails at around £269. This is a great little notebook that’s small enough to fit into your bag or briefcase, but with a 320gb hard drive, dual core processor and Windows 8 operating system, it offers plenty of functionality too.


If you’re looking for a stylish everyday laptop, Dell’s New Inspiron 15R Touch offers the latest touchscreen technology and fast performance at an economical price – around £438. It’s a slimmer design than a lot of budget laptops and with its brushed aluminium finish, it feels like an expensive piece of kit. The touchscreen gives you tablet-style functionality, combined with everything you need in a laptop, so it’s perfect for students who need a reliable and trendy everyday computer.

Dell’s ‘everyday’ laptop range is great for families and anyone who wants a laptop to browse the internet, watch television, listen to music, and study. But for those who are keen on gaming and entertainment, Dell’s mid-range products, the 7000 Series laptops offer fast speeds, high performance graphics and state of the art multimedia. Ranging from a very accessible £499 to around £899, the 7000 Series’ backlit keyboards, bevelled edges and HD touchscreens are seriously stylish, too.

Right at the top of the range, for professionals who need a powerful laptop, is the Dell Ultrabook. Ultrabooks start at around £809 and go up to £1,279 for the very latest XPS 12 Convertible. With its unique flip-hinge touch screen, you can convert this laptop into a tablet in seconds, making it perfect for enjoying the best of both worlds. Resilient, strong, and elegant, this is a premium laptop that is guaranteed to make an impression.