How to Delete WhatsApp Images, Videos, Backups and Audio Messages Easily – Text messages are now collapsed by awesome smart phone app, Whatsapp. Now a day’s most of people use smart phone, so why someone use text messages with balance deduction rather than free message service. Whatsapp is now available in almost all platforms. Loading apps in a smart phone means it will use memory and hence some problem will arise if memory overloads. Whatsapp not only gives facility to chat one to one also to chat with group. If you use Whatsapp regularly then you will face memory deduction on your smart phone, because Whatsapp store no of text messages, pictures and videos. So you will face a problem sometime “device running out of storage”. So to eliminate this problem we have some tips for you in this topic.

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The problem can be solved in android mobile phones. For windows mobile, there is no method still made. You can solve this problem in android devices by installing an app named “WCleaner”. This app cleans all garbage data from your mobile including Whatsapp data and makes your phone free. As Whatsapp stores data’s in different location so it’s impossible for a normal user to delete the data’s from different locations, so “WCleaner” helps to do this with just a one click.

How to operate this app to clean your phone?

  1. Open the WCleaner app in the smart phone.
  2. You can find different categories like Images, Wallpapers, Audio, Videos, Voice Notes, Profile Pictures and Backups.
  3. To delete and clean the phone tap the trash button placed adjacent to the folder. If you want delete the files one by one, navigate to inside the folders and select items the delete.

Other good features of WCleaner on Android phone:-

You can delete all things and files related to Whatsapp. It has Simple navigation, user friendly app no extra or complicated settings, one click action buttons. All Medias are categorized under different folders e.g. images, videos etc. It has file preview option so before deleting any file confirm what you are deleting with this preview.

Some disadvantage of WCleaner on Android phone:-

No file size information in the WCleaner app. So to download a file you have to preview the file only. App has many ads showing, so it will irritate users.

So hope you will use the app for deleting your files from phone. So don’t forget to share with your friends about this awesome app.