You can never say that you are done with your Facebook account as more you explore more is left to be explored here. In case of any issues which force you to delete your account you may be looking for the ways by which you could do it permanently. Here are 5 steps that you need to follow in order to delete it forever. In no way these steps are tough to follow but surely you need to be careful in your attempt.

The 5 important steps to be followed in order to delete your most popular social networking, Facebook account are as follows:


A) Protect the data that is needed by you- prior deletion of your Facebook account save the pictures or the information that is needed by you. This is important as you will lose the access of all such information once you delete your account.

B) Downloading the entire data of your Facebook via setting option in your account. You need to click on the option Gear icon which is present on the upper right corner of it. A statement will appear saying, “Download copy of your Facebook Data,” click here.

Delete Facebookc) For your memorable pictures you need to download them one after the other. Open each pink and download them.


Remove your history over Facebook- you need to visit your Activity Log and there you need to undo all your action here. This will clear your likes and comments over all kind of posts or pictures you have made till the date. It is necessary in order to ensure that your presence over Facebook could be deleted to its most. Survival of as much less data as possible is good for you while you delete your account.


A) In order to control the activity log you need to go to the privacy button which is present at the top right corner. Look for the option, “Who can see my stuff?” then you need to click here to check your activity log. Over here you could choose which part is not required by you or which part you want to get rid of.

b) Go through the page that you have deleted- once you delete a page you will not be able to trace them when you search for them. Try to follow the link also then finally it’s time for you to opt for “Delete my account” and the procedure of account deletion will start immediately.

c) Enter CAPTCHA and your password- after you have done it click okay in order to give the command of deletion of your account on permanent basis. 2 weeks will be required for complete deletion of your activity and then you could see the effect.

d) Access over your account is necessary if you want your Facebook account to be deleted in this manner. In case if you have lost control over your password or had forgotten them than you could take aid of password reset option and then you can delete your account.

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Opt for temporary deactivation process rather than opting for permanent deletion of Facebook account-

A) Press the icon of settings and then choose account settings.
B) From the left menu bar select security section.

Delete Facebook

C) Go to the link of deactivating account and click there.


provide all the necessary information for deactivating account.

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So, Here we are discuss about the How to delete Facebook forever, I hope you enjoy this post.