We very much know that we can easily save the data on hard disks, pen drives and other backup devices. But do you know that how we can save the data so as to transfer it to another PC? Obviously, you can use the hard disk for the process, but it wouldn’t be easy to connect two computers together for transferring the data. So, we have software, EaseUS Todo PCTrans, which significantly helps in connecting two computers together through LAN as well as transfers the data. Before using this software, it is important to download its free wizard or you can buy its premium version as well, which comes with advanced features, solution and support.

EaseUS Todo PCTrans also comes in a Technical version which comes with more advanced features than its premium version. So, if you want to try it out by spending your money then you can buy these two, premium or technical version or else they also offer a free trial as well. This software also offers the users with the utilities for downgrading from Windows 10 and is even used as a Windows 10 migration tool, because 99% of the users didn’t like the new OS and as a free backing solution. Let’s talk much more about the EaseUs Todo PCTrans including how it is used for transferring the data between two computers. Read on further.


What is GOOD about EaseUS Todo PCTrans?

  • The software is being tested as a Windows 10 migration tool and it worked perfectly and successfully transferred the data.
  • The app supports 32-bit and 64-bit architecture types Windows versions from XP to the latest OS.
  • It easily transfers the files between two computers via LAN or in the local network with the PCTrians installed.
  • Usually, it transfers the data without any interruption, yet if happens, then it resumes as well after the software utility runs again.
  • It is extremely easy and simple-to-use software, which is just the perfect one for both, professionals and the beginners.
  • It helps in transferring a large amount of data easily and the app has a simple, attractive interface.
  • It can be used as the EaseUS Todo Backup Free, where the users can take the backups of the important data stored on the computers before transferring them to the other computer.
  • Better and best alternative to the Windows Easy Transfer as it helps in transferring all the user data, applications, large programs and almost everything from one computer to the other.
  • It is secure and a reliable software which comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

What is BAD about EaseUS Todo PCTrans?

  • It takes a little time in identifying the installed applications on the computer. So, it requires time for transferring the programs as well because it manually installs them.
  • Sometimes, it fails to make few installed apps or inaccurately marks few programs which already exist on the target machine.
  • It didn’t detect few of the installed utilities on the source machine.
  • High usage of RAM with low consumption of CPU.
  • Doesn’t show the task completion statistics.
  • No advanced customization features available.
  • Packages are quite expensive as compared to its alternatives, including IObit PCtransfer.

Final Words

We can take the backup of the data stored on PCs or laptops easily on the external storage devices, like DVDs, pen drives and much more. But, the EaseUS Todo PCTrans is a free software which is also known as the EaseUS Todo Backup Free, that means it helps in easy transferring and backing up the stored data between the two computers. Overall, the EaseUS Todo PCTrans performs well when it is about the transfer of the data between the two computers. Its simplicity is one of its major attractions. Despite it has a room for improvement, it still delivers a decent performance.