As more and more customers adopt Androids, iPhones and BlackBerrys, mobile strategies are becoming a significant endeavor for businesses of all sizes.

Traditional marketing campaigns devised with a ‘one size fits all’ approach are being replaced by real-time, location based engagement. Mobile apps allow companies to be available around the clock and offer customers go-to reward programs, new offers, on-the-go access and more.

Custom Mobile App For Customers – What Are The Options?Google Insights reveal that mobile search is growing at a staggering rate, and 88 percent of mobile users take action. Marketing with your own app keeps your business out of the overwhelmed email and social inboxes of your customers and on their smartphones where they spend most of their time.

However, mobile apps aren’t just limited to consumer engagement and use but are also being utilized by companies for operational processes such as expense tracking, data processing and more.

Organizations need to keep up with technology innovation and change in order to compete to gain a competitive edge in their industries; mobile apps are being seen as a disruptive force in their drive.

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A custom mobile app – available options

All fledgling companies today should consider mobile apps into their strategies from the outset. Knowing what to promote through the app – and which consumer segments you want to target – is the easy part. Getting a custom app made – can pose a bigger challenge. Here are the available options to companies of all sizes:

DIY app builders

DIY app builders lets companies craft their branded apps; they’re aimed businesses that require functional mobile apps to create, promote and manage their marketing messages. These app builders can be used by employees who aren’t necessarily tech savvy, and were created to allow businesses to assemble mobile apps quickly.

Appy Pie and Appmakr are two of the best DIY app-building tools. Most of such tools feature drag and drop functionality that makes it easy to create mobile apps for all major platforms: BlackBerry, iOS, Android and Windows phone. They also offer businesses a complete suite of features to stay connected and engaged with customers, such as social media integration, push notifications, image galleries, location tracking and sharing capabilities.

Also, a company can see how its app is performing amongst its target audience with a series of management tools including app analytics, app monetization data and real-time updates and revisions. These tools can also be used to analyze and make changes to improve customer interactions.

Apps cloud

Technologies like professional app clouds are available for creating valuable mobile apps that are actually a part of your company. The company Kony believes native app clouds can deliver feature-rich consumer apps that help businesses achieve their strategic imperatives. Businesses can also leverage such platforms to engage customers with personalized app experiences across multiple channels, including tablets, desktops and phones.

Reputable companies will offer apps that are extensible, configurable and integrate with existing systems and infrastructure to meet unique needs of a business, bring down risk, and accelerate time to market.

Some companies may also provide an option to leverage ready-to-run enterprise apps with pre-built features that improve business performance. Apps cloud that offer both consumer and enterprise app access would deliver a consistent experience that drives enterprise-wide adoption of mobile apps, while enabling businesses to provide a valuable experience to their customers.