With certain international companies taking up the entire smartphone business by storm, the entire concept of the smartphone has been reduced to four or five stereotypes. People have stopped thinking out of the box and developing new and innovative smartphone designs. They even ignore the many drawbacks that some of the phones from even the best of Electronics companies have, and are willing to pay high prices for these products. However, there are excellent alternatives available from companies such as CUBOT, who offer innovative and very well designed smartphones for reasonably cheap prices. In this article, we shall cover one particular smartphone, namely CUBOT S308, and introduce you to its many interesting features.

CUBOT S308 Review: Excellent Phone with Attention to Detail

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Key Features

The phone has been marketed as a “phablet” i.e. a both phone and tablet, because of the size of its screen. It sports a five inch high definition display screen that one can use to perform both phone and tablet functionalities. Other than the 5.0 inch HD IPS Screen, there is the superfast processing speed, and the attention to detail. These are, of course the key features that make a phone important. Also, for this price range, you will find very few phones that sport 2GB RAMs and 16GB ROMs. CUBOT S308 is one. The Smartphone would have the best features that one can hope for, and the battery life is also pretty decent for the price range.

Attention to Detail

One of the things that is eye catching to the veteran smartphone reviewer is the excellent fuselage that the smartphone offers. It is the thinnest that we have seen available in that price range. It gives the phone an excellent classy look while making it lighter and twice more easy to use. The body is ergonomic and is very suitable for use in both vertical and landscape positions. However, one thing to keep in mind is that since the fuselage of the phone is thin, it is very easy for it to get damaged upon impact. We tested this out, and although the phone shows surprising sturdiness given its dimensions and material, it is still advised for you to keep them.

Secondly, the display of the screen is far from ordinary. It is high definition with a built in OGS layer and enabled graphics media accelerator. Therefore, it is very suitable for playing high graphics games, which also run smoothly with the game because of the very high RAM and ROM.

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Coming to Apps, the phone, which supports Android Jelly Bean 4.2, would, needless to say, support all the apps that you can download off play store. However, we were pleased to note that it comes with none of the useless built in applications for Android that you find in good phones such as Samsung or Nokia. Instead, there are useful apps such as a built in flashlight application, which make your phone even handier while saving useful memory space and enhancing operational features as well. You can buy CUBOT S308 on Gearbest.com