The big day for every person is their birthday and it is important for us to never overlook for any other big day for our family, friends and co-workers. There are numerous people who never solicit about their birthday, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love to receive birthday wishes from you. If you let the person know that you remember their birthday and wish them, it shows that you really care for them. There are many people who are selfish and think just of themselves. Isn’t it would be great to remember the birthday of your peers? The love is selfless and will warm their hearts with knowing the fact that you actually care and love them.

Most of us have already experienced the gloom as well as the doom of a birthday. Each of us has a least memorable birthday and try to bury the feeling. But do you know that you can simply reverse this feeling and let them know that you value their presence and wish them a happy birthday? Yes, and even you really need not enlighten them with expensive and mesmerizing gifts. Because a simple birthday wish will do wonders. We, people only want to feel that we are actually a part of someone’s life and they do wish to receive best wishes on their special day from their loved ones.

One of the best occasions in an individual’s life is their birthday because they actually look forward to it. Not only because they want their family and friends to make them feel special, but the day marks the beginning of another year of your life, a simple achievement over the negativity, unhappiness and a feeling of joy of being alive. So, here we have listed out the best creative ways to say Happy Birthday to all the people in your life, whether your family members or friends, co-workers or acquaintances. Come! Let’s have a look at those creative ways.

Each one of us wish Happy Birthday in English, so don’t you think it would be a great idea to wish people on their special day in another language? It is one of the most innovative ideas. This idea works in both ways. What I mean to say is that if you wish the person a Happy Birthday in their mother tongue language, the person would be surprised if it was unexpected from your side. Or else, if you wish the person in another language, which is unknown to them, then it will leave them bemused and even they will make fun around.


Creative Ways to say Happy Birthday

  • Customized Print Message
    You can get a customized print message on a blank surface or on a T-shirt or pillowcase from the local store near you. You can even buy the printable stuff and get it done by yourself, with your own creativity. You can even go with the online stores to get the printing done. It is a great innovative idea to wish someone a very Happy Birthday.

  • Local Newspaper
    Write your own romantic birthday wish and get it printed in the local newspaper, which the person reads. This way will show the person who you truly love them and want the world to know it.

  • Printed on a Pillowcase
    Get a customized printed message with dark paints or colours on a pillowcase or on the wall or ceiling, which the person will see. You can find the best birthday messages or quotes to get it painted or printed.

  • Favourite Beverage in a Clear Glass
    Take a clear glass and write a Happy Birthday on a chit of paper, tape it to the bottom. Fill the glass with the favourite beverage of that person, so that they will read the message later on and get surprised.

  • Decorate with balloons
    Decorate their room with the customized balloons printed with permanent beautiful messages or heartwarming expressions. Or you can even make a balloon bouquet for them.

  • Reliving the Old Memories
    Get the old pictures, videos and other pages to do a documentary on their life. Invite few people who are close to the person to surprise them or record their messages and wishes for their birthday. Do you know that the sound and the sight of the people living miles away, but remember to wish you on your birthday feels really special?

  • Write a Poem
    You really don’t need to get sentimental or mushy, but write a poem for the person on the special day, which should be meaningful as well as humorous at the same time.

  • Create Collage
    Get all the old pictures printed and create a collage or you can even collect personalized messages from different persons to wish them on their birthday. It is really a clever idea which will surely make the person smile.

  • Sing a song
    You can sing the person’s favourite song on their special day which will leave them all the more surprised and happy knowing that you actually cared to do something special for them to make them happy and valued.

  • Treasure Chest
    Be a clever person and make a treasure chest of small gifts in them. Add small and useful things, like funny toys which can cheer them up. You can even write customized messages on small chits and put them in those boxes.

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Birthdays are a special celebration for everyone because it is the day just for you. Everyone love receiving the messages, gifts and wishes on their special day. So, wishing them makes them feel that you care for them and mean a lot. Your heartfelt and genuine birthday wishes can enlighten the day of a person. Wishing people on their birthdays is a necessary tradition as well as a long-standing custom, which makes the person know that you actually care and happy for them on their birthday. If you are looking for the best innovative and creative ways to say Happy Birthday, then I have listed the best ones here above. You can use these ideas or ways for people of all ages. So, go ahead and make the special day a more memorable one.