Two words in our dictionary, “Sorry” and “Thank You” are the most difficult ones to say. These two things demand little extra from the person because both require a magnitude of the favor of the depth of apology and appreciation respectively. Today, we are here with the most creative ways to say Thanks. Sometimes we get more creative than just sending a simple message or an email. These creative ways to say Thanks are the most meaningful ways which your family and friends would remember and cherish forever.

Do you know that your simple and short act of gratitude will make such a huge positive impact on the people involved? Saying ‘Thanks’ is one of the simplest and easiest ways for showing your gratitude towards the person and is the most powerful tool which you can use every time for thanking people around you. It feels great as if someone thanked us. Sometimes it is hard to truly express our gratitude, yet the creative ways to say Thanks we have shared here are quite simple, easy and inexpensive. People would be flattered knowing that you actually care for them. So, here are the few creative ways to say Thanks.

People definitely earn a Thank You if they do something nice for you or spend their precious time in doing something special for you. It is really hard to find a perfect way for saying a Thank You. Well, you guys don’t really have to worry at all because I have rounded the best possible creative ways to say Thanks. Pick up the best creative way which easily resonates with you.


Personalized GIF
You can take the person down the memory lane with a Thank You note. One of the best, unique and clever ways of using the technology is the animated GIFs, which can be easily created by picking up the pictures or uploading a personalized thank you message video. You can even add text to your personalized GIF.

Show them some love
Showing them your presence every time they need will make them satisfy. It is one of the most powerful ways to show your gratitude to the person who did something special for you. You can do few little things to help them out, which will turn the things meaningful and important. Your simple presence will make the person happy.

Be Sneaky
You can simply leave the surprise unexpectedly at some place and make them feel happy that you actually care for them and feel great with their help. It will convey your true feelings that will give them a surprise Thank You.

Thank You story on SnapChat
SnapChat is one of the perfect tools for crafting your own customized digital thank you note. it is a lot more expressive, intimate and authentic than Instagram or Facebook. Users can easily personalize their messages by applying the lenses, or by drawing, emojis customization to the faces. You can even snap the photos of the person whom you want to thank you as well as annotate the pictures using the SnapChat tools.

Gift Bag
You can gift the person a customized, homemade, unique gift bag with a simple thank you note. It is a heartfelt way of showing your appreciation and gratitude towards the person.

Give a toast
Most of the people fear of public speaking, but you can give it a significant Thank-You, which will add an extra meaning. You can compose an eloquent and a sincere toast, a nice way for showing your gratitude towards the person who did something special for you.

Give a gift of Knowledge
If someone has tried in making you learn something or helped you in a project, then you can even help him/her in return by making them learn a new skill in which you are an expert. In this way to easily reciprocate their help and say Thank You in an indirect way.

Write a Poem
Writing a poem is a way for every occasion. You can simply take a paper and start writing down whatever comes to your mind, but remember to give it a rhyme, it must look like a poem. Write one beautiful, expressive poem for showing your gratitude and see the smile on their face.

Special Message on Social Media
If someone has done something really special for you and you think that the world must know about it, then you can give your special message on social media as well. You can use your social media accounts or blogs to spread the word out showing your appreciation, gratitude towards the person. (Also see: Facebook to Users: Say Thanks for the birthday Wishes)

Make a digital card
A simple thank you isn’t always the best thing, but you can make a digital greeting card for the person to send them through the mail, which can enlighten their day. You must remember that your digital greeting card must reflect your personality as well as generosity with a short, simple thank your message.

YouTube Video
Saying someone Thank You makes a lot of difference between the relationships. And if it is so, then why don’t we take a step further and create a YouTube special video for thanking the people.

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A simple “Thanks” means so much to a person who did something nice for you. It is one simple word which conveys your gesture to appreciate the person for doing something special for you. Happiness and Gratitude, both are correlated to each other and it even feels great when someone acknowledges your hard work. If you are saying, someone, a Thank You with all your sincerity, then nothing can go wrong at all.

“How to say Thank You? Is one of the most popular questions which people ask and a simple answer is that there are several ways? All the creative ways to say Thanks we have discussed above depends on the situation and how you have to say them, whether formally or informally. There are numerous creative ways to say Thanks to the people who helped us in some or the other way, but these are some of the best ones.