With the risks associated with cosmetic surgery coming to light thanks to The Cosmetic Institute Blog, it is beneficial to anyone considering surgery that we all understand the possible ramifications. Although cosmetic surgery has become more mainstream and socially acceptable, this should not be confused with it being safe, as some companies have better safety standards that others.

That being said it is worthwhile to acknowledge the perception changes of cosmetic surgery. Previously, it was considered something only available or accessible to celebrities, who had money and the ability to recover in a subtle but expensive resort. However, with the increasing popularity of boob jobs, it is becoming the norm to have augmented breasts. Ordinary people are seeking the gloss and glamour of celebrities who are celebrated for their bodies, such as the Kardashian sisters. It is understandable with the way celebrities flaunt their success across the media that people now relate cosmetic surgery with success and wealth.

It is not considered taboo to want to improve oneself, if anything, it is looked on with admiration. If there is something that you want to fix, and you have the money and means to do it, good on you. It is better to improve the look of yourself than to stand out for it. People understand that self confidence and esteem are really important parts of what makes us happy. Therefore, if cosmetic surgery improves the patients lives, it should be celebrated.

Beauty is big business. I for one know a number of beautiful talented women in the media which I idealise. They are successful, fun, beautiful and intelligent. Lucky for us, we now have the ability to have it all. The difference now is that cosmetic surgery is accessible. If you want to alter your look, you can, you just need to be dedicated. The heavy feeling you may have struggled with for a long time, can be lifted with the right outlook and determination.

I think as a nation we are much more compassionate and empathetic than we once were. This has a trickle on effect to everything that we do in life. The ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes is a wonderful trait as this in turn prevents judgement. We understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and has control over their own lives and bodies. Therefore, why shouldn’t we pay a little for luxury? It can be empowering when you realise you have control over who you are and what you look like.

There isn’t any need to be glum.

As cosmetic surgery helps to increase self esteem, it can really help change the trajectory of your life. With confidence being such an important attribute in business and personal relationships, it can really open doors. People who you mingle with will definitely feel and see your energy and overall well-being improve. It will be hard not to notice it, which is another reason society can understand how valuable and socially acceptable cosmetic surgery has become.

But remember to consider that although cosmetic surgery is socially acceptable, and widely available, you do need to make sure you are choosing it for the right reasons. It shouldn’t be because you want to change everything with yourself, but because this one thing has been plaguing you since you can remember. Also take into account that there are risks involved, and with any type of surgery, things can go wrong. And last but not necessarily least, give yourself time. Decisions like cosmetic surgery shouldn’t be made overnight, nor based on a sale. Just because there is a 40% discount doesn’t mean you should risk your well being and body. Remember to make sure it is 100% what you want and are ready to make it happen, whatever the consequences.