There is many websites and ways where you can covert or download youtube videos or any videos from the web. if you are a web developer or a programmer then you can easily find out the way to download videos from anywhere on the web. but what for non-techy person? who don’t know more about internet and online free services? in today’s article i gonna show you how you can download videos from facebook. You can embed facebook videos anywhere you like but there isn’t option for downloading your or your friends videos from the facebook. but it is possible, you can download facebook videos by converting into mp4 or any format using, is a free website where you can convert and download facebook or any videos from the web.

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So, firstly, you have to choose a video from the facebook which you want to download to your pc. once you decided, then just copy full URL. Facebook video URL will be look like this :

Now, go to, there you will see input box where you have to paste your video url and then click on “Download”

keepvidNow, just wait few second, and you will be redirect to new page and there you see your video with the name and thumbnail, and also you will see a download link with the name “Download MP4” then right click on it and select “save link as.. ” to download your facebook video. for more detail check the screenshot below :

download facebook video

I hope this post will help you to download videos from the Facebook. Enjoy ! :)