It is pretty important to know how to compliment a girl and make her blush, especially when you are trying your best for making a lasting impression on her. Giving compliments simply shows that you have actually noticed few attractive aspects of your woman, means that how nice she is. There are numerous ways to compliment a girl and those are even pretty nice sound too. Girls do take a lot of time in dressing up themselves and isn’t it amazing to blush them too by complementing their looks? Your girl will even feel good and she will notice that you actually noticed her. Girls and women do love to have compliments than the boys and men.

For complimenting a girl, the very first thing you need to know is to be sincere. You really need not to say anything nice to your girl just because your friend texted you or you read in some book. For complimenting your girl, you need to be genuine and if your eyes will speak those words with sincerity, then your girl will be more flattered and even will appreciate your compliment. If you will just try to play around with those rehearsed compliments, then your girl might feel annoyed as well as uncomfortable while being with you. Also, those rehearsed compliments will irritate her knowing the fact that you are just trying to get over her within her pants.

So, for complimenting a girl, there are different ways for understanding the way to do it, for flattering her at the same time.

Things to know before you compliment a girl

  • Every confused about complimenting a girl, then you can just use her best aspects like voice, eyes, lips or hair. Though it is personal, but safe too. It is pretty hard for any girl to forget compliments about her aspects.
  • Remember not to give compliments about her girly parts. For instance, despite getting tempted towards her beautiful and hot body, don’t say “you look so hot” or something like that, because it’s just too physical. Yes, you can use these kind of lines once you both are closer and trust each other.
  • Always remember to give your girl, spontaneous compliments because they are just the best ones. Just give your sincere and truthful compliment to her instantly you lay your eyes on her.

Compliment a girl for her beautiful looks

This is a time tested as well as a perfect way to compliment a girl on your first date. Before arranging your date, you obviously know that your girl is beautiful, but still while you meet her at the venue, just give her a compliment for her gorgeous looks. Just appreciate her because she has taken her precious time and put in her best effort to just look cute and beautiful for you.

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Often stare her at times

Being on a date with your girl, just stare at her often because it if one of the best compliments you can give to your girl. This comes naturally while being struck by the gorgeous looks of a beautiful girl. But, this is one of the quiet compliments. Staring at your girl or getting lost in her beautiful eyes, simply shows that you are awestruck by her beauty as well as happy being with her. Also, you can tell her that how happy her company makes you feel. This is another beautiful compliment for a girl to make her blush.

Give her compliments with your words

The best way to compliment a girl is through the words. No! No! Not the spoken ones, but written ones. For professing their love, men do write poems or love stories for flattering their girl, and it would be amazing if you can also do it for your love. But, your girl would definitely go to love the way for which you are capable, and that is sending a beautiful card or a text message for professing your love.

Compliment her for her exquisite skills

Just get to her best qualities and skills. Your work isn’t finished here, meet her and compliment her for it. There are many men who do think that women don’t like to get compliments other than over their looks, but the true fact is that they get more flattered over compliments given to their character rather than to their looks. So, next time just give her compliments over her skills and show that her skills awes you.

Compliment her feminity

Complimenting a girl about her feminity will make her blush the most. For instance, compliment her the way she fans herself while feeling hot or playing with hairs, the way she smiles or her caring nature, her kindness or making awkward blushing faces. It is just one of the most beautiful ways to compliment a girl for acknowledging her beauty as well as her sweet gestures without talking about her outer beauty or physical attributes.

Use your chivalry for complimenting her

Without any doubts, men are known for their chivalry and noticed as protectors. So, it is your duty to make your girl feel special and protected on your date. You can assist her whenever she needs your attention or assistance or you can pull a chair back for her. Ensuring that the girl is having a perfect time with you by being chivalrous is one of the best ways for complimenting her in a silent way.

So, next time if you are confused on how to compliment a girl and make her blush, then use any of the above ideas. These ideas will definitely make her feel happier, loved and special.