Samsung is the highest range company which has been sold many devices in the globally level, now we are talking about two sets of the galaxy s4 and s3, let we compare such two devices, their features, specs and features.

Galaxy s4 is designed batter then s3, the main difference between them is thinner which is round about 8%
Galaxy s4 is lighter then s3 in weight, so it compare is offensive also.
Galaxy s4 is full of software features, its display had the killer features, many time people will match it with android HTC, Droid DNA and Xperia Z due to it large screen which has 1080p. When talking about the Samsung s3 then it is ppl which is looking like sharp, so its difference of screen is huge.
Such two devices have different features and processors. Dual core processor which has been shop in America it is stay in galaxy s3 which also seen in the s4
Galaxy s3 have to matches with the s4 version of RAM (random-access memory) which are 2 GB.
There are three different storage models like: 32 GB, 64 GB, and 16 GB also. You can get microSD card also with them.
You handset will be faster and there speed is max out, LET, HSPA speed is more than faster in the both sets.
All the devices are based on the battery, when the Battery is in the good shape then set will also have the good position in the market. In s4 and s3 having the basic factors of the battery, they have million mega pixels which having the holds up with the battery.
Galaxy s3 and s4 having the big upgrade with the 13 mega pixels, with the keynote emphasized the software based features. Dual camera are also including in such devices. There are multi shots, sounds and shots are also there which having audio clip also.
Such all reliable features of the Samsung galaxy s4 and s3, which are stay in both devices, there are no much difference between such two sets. People who already used

such devices they having good review about them, they said that no much difference between them, they are two successful devices which having award in the market. Such all features are touching and easily get their apps via internet.