No matter whether you need to coordinate with your clients or work with your remote colleagues, there is always a need for a reliable video conferencing and meeting app. While working on the projects in office, we don’t really have time to deal with those frustrating technical issues including choppy audio, annoying plugins, dropped calls, jerky video, nettling downloads and stream lags. We at carry our daily meetings as well as weekly webinars with our remote writers and clients around the globe. And today, here we have the two video conference, and meeting apps which we have just tried, and that is, ClickMeeting and GoToMeeting.



In our opinion, ClickMeeting is one of the best online meeting and web conferencing solutions available out there. It does offer the best features for delivering the successful web conferences. ClickMeeting does offer a range of packages including the month and annual subscriptions. These pricing packages significantly help the small and growing businesses, companies and institutions in investing their money properly on the appropriate service lengths. The best things about ClickMeeting includes its features like private chat, webinar statistics, desktop sharing, meeting room rebranding, simultaneous chat translation and one-click recording.


ClickMeeting offers five plans for its users apart from a free 30-day trial plan. All the 5 ClickMeeting plans include the feature of meeting room rebranding and provide a monthly or annually pay options. The basic plan is the ClickMeeting 25 which includes 2 h video recording, 25 attendees, 2 presenters and costs for $30/month (monthly) or $22.50/month (annually). Next plan is the ClickWebinar 50 which includes 4 h video recording, 50 attendees, 4 presenters and costs for $40/month (monthly) or $30/month (annually). The third plan is ClickWebinar 100 which includes 6 h video recording, 100 attendees, 4 presenters and costs for $79/month (monthly) or 59.25/month (annually). The fourth plan is ClickWebinar 500 which includes 8 h video recording, 500 attendees, 4 presenters and costs for $160/month (monthly) or $120/month (annually). Last and the fifth plan is ClickWebinar 1000 which includes 10 h video recording, 1000 attendees, 4 presenters and costs for $280/month (monthly) or $210/month (annually).


As the name suggests, GoToMeeting is a Go-To solution when it is about the virtual meetings and video conferencing. What makes GoToMeeting a popular choice among the users is its features including the screen sharing, availability of mobile or desktop connection, HD video quality and personalized meeting URLs. Even it offers a Whiteboard feature which can be used by the teams for collaborating, highlighting and annotating the screen of the presenter. The best things about GoToMeeting include an ease of changing the meetings of the presenters with multiple hosts and international toll-free numbers. Also, it is a convenient option for the global teams as it offers the options for translating the control settings.


GoToMeeting offers three plans for their customers which include a FREE plan for 3 attendees, PRO plan for 25 attendees at $39 per month and PLUS plan of 100 attendees at $56 per month.


One of the most powerful ways for engaging the audience is through the videos. Videos help in captivating the attention of the public when it is about online communication or marketing. Though there are some options available and despite there is a huge difference between the pricing plans, yet the best one is ClickMeeting.
And the reason is that ClickMeeting offers the business with advanced features and technicalities which are best suitable for the online meetings and video conferencing. So, if you can now make all your business meetings and conference calls productive by using any of these two. But, we would recommend you to go for ClickMeeting, and by now, we hope that you know why we are recommending you for the same.