A picture says a lot than the words can. This is simply a thought which has empowered millions of photographers across the planet to click something outstanding and make the world say ‘wow’ for what they’ve done.

The photography skills have earned a lot of money to the professionals if they’re really good at what they think they’re doing. The photographers try to earn money for their collection by selling some of their magnificent work to the press media, internet media and others.
Various platform have been provided to them since last couple of years, but, a big change has been noticed since the Smartphone’s were emerged from nowhere and taking the world online throughout the globe.

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The well known OS Android has one app which has given the opportunity to the photographers to sell their pictures online and getting paid more than the previous smart phone era. Well, the improving cameras of gadgets have also played a significant role in that.

Clashot is one of the apps which have taken this selling images business to new heights online. Here is a brief description about the app which you may use after reading for the future.


The Intro
Clashot is an android app which can be used to clicking and uploading the images on their platform which is sort of a buying and selling community for those who wants to buy an image or sell it.

The app has designed to take the advantage of constantly growing smart phone world which is no doubt is rising with the speed seen never before.

Need of Images
Buyers like press media, social websites, online promotional campaigns and others are always looking to buy some of the nicest clicked snaps for them so as they make their presentation more illustratable and good looking.

So, if you think that you’ve got the potential of clicking some of the best photos around the world, then it is the right place for you to get paid for your efforts.

The Target Area
If you’re confused about what to click which can earn you a handsome amount of money, then you can just simply head over to its interface and on the basis of most selling images, niche of the websites, currently popular and more you can decide your subject of photography.

Generally, the buyers are looking for some ongoing concerts, latest news, trending viral topics and others.

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The Features
The Clashot has many features about it to utter which makes this a perfect online place for snap trading business and to get rewarded according to your potential. Some of the countable features are as follows.

  • Highly neat and clean user interface which is damn too easy to work on.
  • The facility to check what’s trending to decide you the subject of your work.
  • The free of cost use for uploading the clicked images on the platform.
  • The social media integration to enhance your chances to get rewarded like never before.
  • Easy navigation across the platform with nothing to cause a situation of confusion.
  • At last, the feeling of being the part of a new world where you meet the buyers for your extra-ordinary skills.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the in-app screenshots that I had captured while using the app.


Download Clashot Android App | Download Clashot iOS App

The Payout
Once you have uploaded the images and someone has bought that then the money will get deposited in your Clashot account which you can withdraw at the time when you have US $50.

The price of images is a subject of variation and the price highly relies on how good you are with your passion. The images uploaded by you can even be sold out for US $50, if that is a must buy for someone.

The Loose Part
However, the Clashot has nothing which can seriously damage its reputation of being a numero uno place for image trading, but sometimes the image you’re uploading may take more than usual time.

Well, I guess that is understandable as the users on it are increasing day by day and I also believe that over the time the Clashot will improve this aspect too.

Wrap Up
You must be wondering over the time that if you’re serious photographer then it’s time for put your sleeves up and let the world know that you’ve something that others don’t. I guess, Clashot is definitely a right platform for you and for what you do.

On Clashot, you won’t only get paid handsomely, but will get the needed hand, which can boost your future if this is what you want to do for the rest of your life.