In this era of Internet we have almost everything online. From buying things to booking tickets to a concert, a plane or a hotel at your next holiday destination you can do almost everything over the internet.

To browse the internet you need a web browser or an internet browser will allows you to open websites as well as other web apps. Internet today has become much more than just a few pages with links and images and formatted text. We have web based apps and services that allow us to do a lot of things but to do these things we need a good web browser.

Citrio is one such browser that is based on the Chromium project by Google but it has many new amazing things to bring to the table. In this post we are going to compare Citrio as well as Google Chrome.

We are comparing these two specifically because both of them are based on Chromium but we will see how they compare to each other in terms of features. Without any further ado, lets start.

Citrio vs. Google Chrome – Introduction

Google Chrome
Google Chrome, as I mentioned above, is based on Chromium project by Google, which is an open source project. It is basically a Google service integrated browser in which you can use Google services easily. You can sync your data like bookmarks, history, extension and apps etc. across different installations.

It is a to the point and simple browser that you can use and it doesn’t come with much bells and whistles. You can always add more features by downloading extensions and apps from the Chrome web store but that will only result in more memory usage.

Citrio Browser
Citrio Browser is also based on the Chromium project as it is an open source project but it comes with some really nice features that we are going to discuss in detail in the next section. It is a refreshing and welcomed change from everyday browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera. It is one of the best alternatives to Google Chrome.

It has features like an intelligent download manager; social sharing built right into the browser, a video downloader and what not. It has most of the basic features we use over the internet built right into the browser so it eliminated the need to use any other software or tool at all.

Citrio vs. Google Chrome – Features comparison

Data Syncing & Backup
Data Syncing & Backup
Both Google Chrome as well as Citrio allow you to sync your data across devices if you have logged into your Google account in the browser. You can sync your extensions, apps, bookmarks and even history just by logging into the browser using your Google+ account.

Download Manager
Download Manager
Google Chrome has a download manager with a very limited functionality. You can pause and cancel downloads and that’s it. That is all you can do with Google Chrome.

In Citrio you get a download manager that is much more intelligent and allows you to download torrents directly into the browser. It makes it easier to manage the downloads with a proper UI.

Video Downloads
Video Downloads
By default you cannot download videos with Google Chrome you will need to find the suitable extension and even then it might be limited to one website. With Citrio you get an amazing video downloader that works with sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Veoh and many others.

Social Sharing
Social Sharing
Google Chrome needs extensions so that you can directly share the posts and links on your social media profiles but Citrio comes with a social sharing feature built right into the browser that works like a charm.


Citrio Browser is like a fresh wave of air that you can breath. It is a really nice browser and comes with all the amazing features that a Chromium based browser does and more along with that. I love the download manager as I do not need any extra download manager extension to manage my downloads in a proper way.