Have you ever given a thought that what will happen to all your profiles on social networking websites after you meet your life’s dead end? Death is the destiny of our lives and there are numerous people who don’t really think much about it. But ever wondered about your online social networking accounts? Since, no other person than you yourself know the password of the account, they will stay locked forever. Really, is it so? Facebook has got the perfect answer to your question “How to choose your Facebook manager after you die”.


The whole idea is amusing and even I know that there are many people who have saved their passwords in the encrypted files, but there are even few who don’t really care and thus their accounts get locked forever. Recently, Facebook released its new feature “Legacy Contact” through which now you can choose your Facebook manager after you die. Now, you can easily give your digital life’s power of attorney to a trusted person.

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The Legacy Contact Feature

It allows you to choose a trusted person as your legacy Contact. Once, your Facebook is notified about your death, it will memorialize the account remembering the person. The person chosen as the Legacy Contact can be able to access the account easily.

This feature has an access to:

  • Make an announcement through the post
  • Update the profile
  • Respond to all friend requests

This feature cannot access:

  • Login information
  • Account settings
  • Personal messages

These restrictions might upset your legacy contact because this is just a job of a caretaker. You can easily add/view the legacy contact by navigating to Settings>>Security>>Legacy Contact. From here, you can check on the settings whether you want the contact to download the messages, pictures, posts, etc. which are archived. Or else, you can choose to delete your account permanently. So, Facebook has finally managed to interweave in our life after death too.