Root Checker
We all know that rooting Android gives super accessibility to many applications which are installed from other sources (apart from Google play). It gives privileges permission to users to use android most effectively. There are many benefits of rooting android. So, most the users root their android to have access for super user permission. Beside this, if you root your android then your devices warranty will be voided. So, if you have bought any second hand device then it is important for you to check whether the warranty of the device is still available or not and you can do this by checking whether the device is rooted or not. For this purpose you might be in the need of root Checker App. So let’s see how to employee with this app.

How to Install and use Root Checker App

You may find this app in the Google play store.

  1. So your first step is going to Google play store and downloading this app which you can find under tools category.
  2. Then with a single tap on the app you can install it on your gimmick.
  3. After installation, touch to open the app and it will put forward the option of agree or disagree.
  4. Select agree option to proceed further.
  5. Now comes the method to use this app. When you open the app, “verify root access” button appears on the screen.
  6. Select that option and your device will be checked for the root access.
  7. If your device is rooted then you will receive a success message that congratulations!! Your device has root access.

This is all you have to do. Just with a single touch you can come to know whether a device is rooted or not through which you can confirm the availability of the device warranty. And even you need not root it further if once you know that your device is already rooted which will preserve your time and effort, because without any proper knowledge on rooting you must root your android. If you do so your android may get hanged. You must try rooting only if you are an ardent android user and have complete knowledge of android or else your device may come in hand. So it is better to know beforehand whether your android is rooted or not which saves you from going through many rooting guides, or internet surfing’s.

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Features of Android Root Checker App

  1. It is freely available and user friendly and easy to access.
  2. You can easily check any android for root access with just a click.