Wix.com is one of the best website builders around. It not only allows users to create stunning websites but also offers domain name search and domain registration. This way you can deal with all your web related activities in one place, instead of having to register your domain on one site, and then build your website elsewhere, or send newsletters through a different service. You can simply log on to Wix.com worry free.


Turns out that building a website doesn’t have to be hard! Wix.com features a drag n’ drop editor, which is simple as well as easy to use. You really don’t need to have any knowledge about coding. Start off by choosing a template from the100s of customizable templates. Wix.com has more than 60 million users.

If you want to launch your online business, then you should definitely consider your own domain and for that we would like to recommend Wix.com. Wix.com offers its users with a wide variety of options for registering their domain, and managing their online presence.

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Domain Names Search and Registration Services

  • Buying a domain from Wix is really easy as well as simple. You can search for your perfect domain name and register it with Wix.com.
  • When purchasing premium packages, a domain name is included in the packages. For example the Yearly Unlimited Plan has the domain name included in the package.
  • Users need to subscribe to any one of the plans listed after purchasing the domain and follow the steps in order to connect it to their website.
  • For getting the right domain for your business, navigate to the official Wix.com site and read tips and guidelines which can help you in choosing the right domain name. In terms of registration, it does offer users with two different privacy levels: private and public.
  • If you already own a domain name, then you can easily connect it to your Wix Site. After subscribing, you need to follow the step-by-step guide for transferring your domain.
  • It even offers users with a free custom domain if they select the Yearly Unlimited Plan. This plan even includes wide variety of benefits and is quite popular among the business owners. This plan is the perfect one to choose for promoting business online.

Wix.com has managed to offer new features with a wide variety of options to its users. It helps the users in growing as well as managing their online business. Other than domain names search and registration, it also offers users with professional email, custom domains,newsletter builder and much, much more. No matter what you have or who you are, Wix helps everyone get online in a simple and easy manner. In other words, we can say that Wix is one of the best HTML5 website builders.

WIX-HTML5 website builder

Steps to be followed for creating a website for free


Open the official website and click on Start Now followed by filling the basic details to sign up.


It will navigate you to the selection screen of the categories, choose the one on which you are building your website


It will navigate you to templates page, where you will get all the templates associated with all categories for free. Keep in mind that you can edit and customize them.


After editing and customizing the template, click on publish.

Your free website is published now. If you want to upgrade your website, then:


Make sure you are logged in and navigate to official website again: Wix.com. Click on “Subscriptions”, which is located at the top of the menu and then click on “Domains” from the drop down menu.


Search for your domain to check for its availability.


If available then click on “Get it!”


A registration form will appear asking your domain to be public or private, select the one and click on Next


Select the service term and click on Next


Review the contact information of the domain carefully and click on Next


Submit the purchase after filling the billing information

Wix- A true drag n’ drop editor

An HTML5 Drag n’ Drop editor means that the editor allows users to drag and then drop the elements from anywhere directly onto the page. Many users tried their hands on drag n’ drop editors of other website builders like BaseKit and MoonFruitandgot disastrous results. But Wix’s drag n’ drop editor works superbly because it does feature a variety of little tricks, which help the users for perfect alignment. The editor of Wix features a Snap Grid, which is basically a smart tool that helps the users in accurately aligning the elements.

Another benefit of using the drag n’ drop editor is that users can easily order the page in a correct manner. For instance, you have a paragraph with an image below then you can easily add new text within the paragraph without facing any issues of the text overlapping an image like in other website builders. With Wix you can simply move the elements automatically within the text without overlapping the image. This editor even holds a “Crop Up” feature, which helps the users in setting the elements in a perfect order selected from the options.

Wix App Market and SEO Wizard Tools

The App Market of Wix features around more than 200 apps. Moreover, it even offers the users with advanced SEO tools, which help in optimizing the content of your site. Both of these features significantly help in adding functionality and the growth of your site.


  • Wix provides its users with professional and beautiful looking templates, which users can even customize according to their own choice. Few of these pre-made templates are really beautiful in comparison to those offered by other website builders.
  • It does feature a spontaneous drag n’ drop interface, which helps in creating websites with text, images, slideshows and much more. It helps in dragging and dropping elements without any restrictions. It is quite simple as well as easy to use. You’ll pick it up fast because of its intuitive interface.
  • Wix does help its users with support, which is available 24/7. They also have a support center, which provides a ton of tutorials, and helpful resources.
  • There are support buttons spread throughout the editor. Each tip, on each element, is extremely and saves a lot of time.


  • By using the free service Wix advertisements are visible after publishing your site website at the side as well as at the bottom. It is pretty obvious to understand that every website builder has its own credits for advertisements because they are providing their services for free but Wix is simply spectacular. Users can choose the “Combo” plan for removing those advertisements but that doesn’t mean you can’t use Wix for free.
  • Wix does offer more than 500+ beautiful templates and even can easily customize the same but once the user has picked one template, it can’t be changed with another. For reducing this risk, we would like to advise you all that you must try out a few templates before committing toone.

Over the last few years, Wix has managed to become one of the incredible website builders with hosting more than 60 million websites. The templates offered by Wix are really attractive and stunning. The major advantage of using Wix is that it helps in domain names search and registration in a simple and easy way. Overall, Wix creates websites which are certainly impressive as well as helsp in attracting more users to join.