Almost we all have come across the iPad syncing issue at least one time. Sometimes it won’t sync or sometime it does sync. So here we have come with some practical advice for fixing those iPad sync issues by digging around in the pits of many forums. If you have ever experienced the issue syncing your iPad but nothing happened or it syncs and there are errors then this article is truly meant for you and need to pay attention in the procedure mentioned below.

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Fix iPad sync Issues

Fixing measurements for iPad sync issues

Since the release of iOS 4.2 and iTunes 10, there have been a lot of reported sync errors. So here are some tips that you must have glance at and ways to fix the sync issues.

  • Make sure that you use the same USB cable that shipped with your iPad in order to sync your iPad. If it doesn’t sync then check your USB cable whether it is the same one that came with it or some other cable. You can recognize the cable by observing the square top of the cable unlike that rounded one which comes with an iPhone. This has helped many users who came across sync issue.
  • Even after this if the issues still persists then go to software update and check if there are any updates you may not know about. It is important even if it only updates safari or something for the iPhone. Many of the users syncing issues were cleared within no time as soon as they performed this task.
  • Restarting your PC or system can even help you out to resolve your problem and sync your iPad again. This is helpful if the issue is related to the malfunctioning of iTunesHelper Service or the AppleMobileDevice Helper process.
  • When even these measures can’t help you out then remove iTunes, QuickTime and Mobile Devices from your PC and reinstall their fresh copies.
  • The last option left is restoring your iPad as a last resort. You must prefer this step only after trying all the above steps and still your issue is not sorted out. Restoring your iPad will take care of your sync issues but note that all your data will be erased. So provide a backup for your data if necessary.

Trying these measurements can help you sync your iPad again.

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