Every bloggers and webmaster are using Facebook and other social media websites for marketing their blog or products. marketing with social media is growing day by day. but isn’t as easy as it sounds. also there is many websites available in the web which provides services like Buying Facebook likes , buying Facebook followers , buying traffic for your blog / site etc. and many people are throwing their money away. :P

Buying Facebook Likes is Safe?

Recently, one of my reader asked me question about Buying Facebook likes :

Hello Dear ,
I need your opinion, is there any risk or harm if i buy likes for my Facebook page? i have contact with a service provider and he said he will send 500 likes in very cheap price. it will be worth?


Simply, i replied with big font size : NO !

Disadvantages of Buying Facebook likes :

1. When you buy Facebook likes , you are paying money for it. then services provider will full up your page with fake Facebook profile likes.

2. When you post something in your page, no people will response because all the likes are fake infact there isn’t any people.

3. Whenever, new fan comes to your Facebook page and maybe they look at the total number of likes, but they will also look at talking about this. which display based on number of people who have engaged with your Facebook page during the past week. after seeing number of “Talking about this” anyone will be understand that all likes aren’t real.

4. Buying Facebook likes is violates Facebook policies. If Facebook spam system detect your this type of activity, then your page can be removed / deleted by the Facebook any time.

These 4 disadvantages are enough to stop buying Facebook likes. but i have some alternative tips that you can use to increase your Facebook fan page likes that you can read here :  5 Best Tips To Increase Your Facebook Fanpage Likes !

You can read more about it @ Facebook help center : https://www.facebook.com/help/281084665319172