If you are buying a lot of things on the internet from a reputed and affordable online store, then you can also think about to start your business with the help of PrestaShop. While running an online store, it is important to realize a number of factors that affects the success of your business. You can stay away from various issues with the PrestaShop, when it comes to an ecommerce store.  If you are interested in making an online presence as an ecommerce store , why not check out PrestaShop, an open source ecommerce platform which you can be downloaded and used completely free.

PrestaShop: Get the best ecommerce store experience

PrestaShop - Get the best ecommerce store experience
Running your ecommerce store has not at all been simpler; there are a lot of companies all over the world offering everything that may range from DIY stores to turnkey offering. If you are seeking for an open source ecommerce solution, then PrestaShop is a perfect option. If you want to get started with this store, you only have to download award winning ecommerce software tool by the PrestaShop. Once you have installed this software on your device, you are just obstructed by your thoughts. You can get above 300 features from this company, which will help you in operating a successful online store. The major thing about the company is that all the features are available for you free of cost.

About the PrestaShop

PrestaShop - Home Screen
PrestaShop comprises of 70 designers, developers and expert ecommerce addicts. The company is headquartered in Miami and Paris. It is one of the best and leading ecommerce stores and are committed in remaining open source and free. A team of professionals carries on working hand in hand with the group and are obsessive about making features, templates and modules, according to the needs of their customers. Their success is all because of the contributions of lots of people from different parts of the globe. Their software is available in almost 63 languages. The company has maintained a strong reputation among the world with ecommerce stores in above 160 nations.

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Several features

PrestaShop offers you a chance to get a wide range of features for your online store. Take a look at different features, mentioned below:


Catalog management
Supervising a list of the dynamic product is somehow a difficult task. But you can make it easy with the PrestaShop back office. Whether your store has a single or a number of products, this unbelievable administrative interface allows you in managing the most complicated inventory in an easy and effective manner with one click updates. You can export and import quickly, sort products, set attributes, huge discounts and offers.


Exporting products to eBay and many others
With this store, you can place your services or products for sale on some third party websites, including Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping and many more. One of the best things about the websites, which are integrated with the company, is that they will depict a huge number of prospective customers to your service or product. PrestaShop has previously come incorporated with eBay and other websites can be added throughout the Add-ons Store.


Cross selling
Cross selling is defined as the process of providing services or products associated with each other, to the user. By packaging items on a single page, you can provide many choices for your customers. This technique can increase the rates of conversions and express the diversity of your services or products.


Select the number of products for every page
With the PrestaShop back office, you can have an option to select on how many products you want to display for every page. This ecommerce company permits merchants in simply enabling and disabling definite preferences like, whenever the ‘add to shopping cart’ text must not be observable, or how to show products, when these are ‘out of stock’. If you want to customize definite attributes and determine which attributes will be shown on a particular page, then you can appoint a PrestaShop ecommerce store for your online store.


User friendliness
One of the major factors that will control whether you imagine utilizing this offer is simple or not will be if you posses the skills essential to execute into the flow of your work. If you are making use of an open source for the first time, then this offer can be a somewhat irresistible. You can easily make a new voucher; this feature is mostly liked by their previous clients. The dashboard is available with an instant access button option, clicking this acquires you straightly to the area, in which you can make your own vouchers.


If you want to get started with the ecommerce world at cheaper prices, then give the PrestaShop a chance to assist you in each and every possible manner. Start with PrestaShop by trying their demo website and takes one step further towards beginning your ecommerce store.