With more and more data becoming available in digital form, there is a growing need for smarter and faster data-based decisions. This has made the business intelligence career path an interesting one. In 2012, the Harvard Business Review proclaimed data analysis as the sexiest job of the century. The McKinsey Institute also pointed out the need for more business intelligence experts as an acute shortage is expected in the sector by 2018.

All of this has led to an increase in the number of people looking to get onto the business intelligence career path. However, only a few people know how they can achieve this goal.

The experts at Wenham carter consulting, one of the biggest names in business intelligence contract recruitment, have attributed the lack of proper guidance into the industry to the fact that the industry is still in its early days.

In this piece, we take a look at what you need to do to become a business intelligence expert.

Get employed by a company willing to train you

There are a growing number of companies that use analytics in the making of their day to day decisions. Getting employed by one of these companies is a great way to get the required training to become an expert in analytics or data warehousing. This approach is, however,appropriate only if you willing to take a long term perspective, as it will take time and investment to train people on the job (as is the case with other industries). Some of the companies you should look to are technology and social media companies, modern banking and financial service companies, telecoms companies, and analytics consultancy companies.

Of course, getting employed by any of these companies is a challenge on its own, so it may be best to first of all accept 2-6 months internship positions.

Get the relevant business intelligence certification

These certifications are designed to provide you with the technical skills you need to succeed on the job. However, they will not make up fully for on-the-job experience. They are simply a way to a get a foothold in the industry. This is why most certification students are advised to get an internship position on the side.

If you have work experience, you can get on certification courses from a plethora of academic institutes. For complete newbies, however, the certification courses at the SAS training institute is often the best place to start.

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Other things you can do

Keep reading on the subject! There are many online communities devoted to helping analytics enthusiasts stay up to date.The Modernanalyst.com is a good example.

Be part of industry meetings: The SAS Forum held annually, and other industry conferences, are a good place to go if you are looking for better understanding of the industry. If you can’t make it to the conferences, you can find videos online.

Connect with experts: The industry is still relatively small so the community is closely-knit. Talk to as many people as you can. They are your best bet for quality information. Contacts will also help you when networking to find jobs.

Search the web: There is a lot of free content on business intelligence and analytics on the web. Read as much as you can.

By following these tips you can get through the business intelligence industry door and position yourself to take advantage of a booming industry.