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Backlinks mean obtaining of quality external links pointing to a site, the incoming links to a webpage. Previously, backlinks were the fundamental metric for a web page ranking. Pages which contained a lot of backlinks performed best on all the leading search engines. Well, to some extent, it is still so.

Let’s pass to a bit of theory concerning backlinks that you should know.

Key terms of backlinks

  • Link Juice is a very broad term, which means a process that passes a web page when linking to any of your articles or your website’s homepage. This link juice helps to rank the article, and also increases the domain authority. As a blogger, you can stop passing link juice by using a nofollow tag.
  • Nofollow Link is the one that doesn’t pass the Link Juice. No-follow links are not useful for SEO as they do not contribute anything. In general, a webmaster uses the no-follow tag when he/she is linking out to an unreliable site.
  • Dofollow Link, as you probably already understood, allows Google to follow it and reach the website, giving the site a link juice. And a backlink itself.
  • Linking Root Domains is the number of other sites that link to your page/site from the single domain. So, no matter how many times a website has linked to your website, it will only be considered as the one linked root domain.
  • Low-Quality Links are those that come from poor quality sites. Such links do far more harm than good, as they could influence badly on your own website’s Google trust rate.
  • Internal Links are those that are going from one page to another within the same domain. The process itself is called the internal linking or interlinking.
  • Anchor Text is a text that is used for hyperlinks.

There are different ways to gain backlinks, from the old-fashioned backlinks exchanging to guest blogging which is now rocking. You can choose any method you want. But there is always one rule: a site linking to you must be reliable.

How to check if a website is credible

To find if some website is a good place to get links from, it’s necessary to check this sites’ backlink profile. For this purpose we use Serpstat – a powerful keyword research and search engine optimization tool with lots of features.

Go to the List of Projects and create the new one by adding the domain address you’re interested in. We took as the example.

Now pass to the Backlink Dashboard section. Here we see the special Serpstat Trust Rank. It characterizes the power of connection between the investigated domain and the reputable sites. The lower it is, the weaker this bond is.

Domain gradually grows its backlink profile. It is necessary to develop a strategy for the selection of high-quality sites for backlinks.

How to find more websites to build backlinks

To this end, go to the Referring Domains section. From these sites, select the most appropriate ones according to the Serpstat Page and Trust Rank ratio. It is also advisable to choose sites with the lowest Alexa Rank.

Another excellent source of sites to co-operate with is the New Backlinks subsection, where you’ll find backlinks acquired in the last 90 days. These backlinks were put down very recently, and people still remember them. If the donor has good trust rank, it makes sense to make a deal with him about the placement of articles and co-operation in general.

While we’re here, after compiling a comprehensive list of prospective donor sites, create a list of the steepest anchors. That is important because the search engines take anchors into account when building the SERPs.

In the Anchors, you will surely find some interesting ideas for creating high-quality anchors.

How to create a valuable content to get backlinks

Choosing the right platform to cooperate with is highly important, but even more critical is to create a fascinating, useful, eye-catching material. In fact, the benefits and returns you get from this kind of promotion mostly depends just on this.

There is only one general recommendation. Write about something you are good at, and in a way that you would like to read it yourself. Do not make content for the sake of content, and like the desired backlink is the only thing that matters. Create the material that will be useful for your audience to help him solve a problem or to understand complex issues. Believe me, it works much better than just the patterned article.

In case you have no experience, or you feel more confident with the guidelines, here are a few recommendations.

  1. Think about the heading. Bright and provocative suits better for social networks, where it is important to distract the reader from the kittens and memes. Kittens are a dangerous opponent, never neglect them if you are interested in an audience from the social networks. :) For publication on professional sites, you can use a calmer header. And do not put the question in the title, if you are not going to answer it in the text.
  2. Structure your text. The logical material is easier to perceive, the simple and readable structure will help you to convey complex information, even to a greater number of readers.
  3. Do not twist the volume. The good article ends where it becomes tedious. If you are trying to cheat “canonical volume” of 6-7K characters, of which you’ve heard somewhere, but the text is appearing dry and empty, leave it. But anyway try to develop a topic as fully as possible.
  4. Add pictures, infographics, and video. Convert your material from time to time, presenting it to your readers in different formats. Various types of content attract more people, make your material more insightful. Add the examples from practice, it will increase the degree of your content’s value.
  5. Write a conclusion. The summary at the end of an article will help readers to memorize better the important things you mentioned.

You can follow these points, or you can act exactly the opposite if you know that your approach will be more useful or just willing to try. There is no universal tutorial like “How to write a cool article that will help my business.” Because every case, every topic, and every business have their characteristics. It’s not the fact that a set of rules that worked once will help you twice.

And now, briefly

I told you the summary is important, huh?

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So. Backlinks are a crucial part of any website’s success. There are different ways to obtain them, from the simple backlinks exchanging that was widespread in the past, to guest blogging that tends to be the most efficient nowadays.

There is one common rule: the links should come from the sources which have the trust of the search engines. Otherwise, such backlinks may cause just a harm.

Fortunately, there is a very simple way of how to determine if the website is worth co-operating with. Use tools like Serpstat. By the way, Serpstat recently launched a convenient system of how it can be used for free. Just by adding website’s domain, you will get all necessary information to determine how much this site is trustful.

Also, analyzing backlinks of the site is an excellent way to find the best sources for the future promotion. And when you find them, spend your time to create high-quality content, not to miss a good opportunity.