There are many cases that you have to include large fotos in your site, but you do not want others to download them and use them. The easy way to protect your work is to write your name in front of the photo, so it cannot be used, but it does not look nice, does it? The more professional and nice-looking option is to build a watermark in your photos
Let’s see how you can build this watermark with Adobe Photoshop.

  • Open the photo that you want to put the watermark on and choose the custom shape tool.
  • From the option panel, choose the shape thumbnail and choose the Copyright symbol.


  • Create a new layer on top from the others and press d to choose black as the foreground color.
  • Draw the Copyright Symbol on your photo (with the custom shape tool) and place it where you want.
  • From Filter menu choose, Stylize>Emboss and apply the filter with Angle=135, Height=3 or 5 pixels and Amount=100% .


  • Click the lock transparent pixels in the layer palette.


  • Go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur choose radius=3pixels and click ok to apply it.


  • Now choose the layer with the copyright symbol from the layer pallete and change the blending option from Normal to Hard light to make the watermark transparent (like above). Play with the opacity, so the

5watermark looks nice to your eyes.lock3

  • Choose the Type tool, write what you want under the copyright logo and right click on the text layer>rasterize type.


Apply the same effects to the text layer