Microsoft’s ubiquitous gaming console, the Xbox, has been perennially popular since its launch in 2001 to compete with the Sony Playstation 2. Of course, technology never stands still for very long and the original console was soon replaced with the high-definition Xbox 360. With this rumours of a replacement for this towards the end of 2013, there could well be many reasons for wanting to upgrade your Xbox.

Bored of Your XBox? Sell it Online for Cash

In addition to the upgrades in specifications, there are various limited-edition Xbox consoles available such as the beautiful Star Wars themed console, colored to look like R2D2 and with a gold controller styled after C3PO. Selling your old Xbox to replace it with one of these fantastic-looking consoles would be a great idea for fans of the Star Wars franchise.

Selling Your Xbox

When you have decided, “I’m going to sell my Xbox for cash”, there are a number of things that will need to be taken care of. Firstly, before powering down and packing up your console, it would be a very good idea to ensure any data stored on the Xbox is backed up or even deleted. Likewise, your log-in details should be removed and passwords deleted to ensure that your Xbox Live account cannot be accessed by the next person who uses your console.

It would also be wise to perform a full system restore once you are satisfied that you have all data backed up onto a hard drive or series of memory sticks. This will make doubly sure that your Xbox will contain none of your log-in details or personal information that could be seen by the person who eventually receives your console.

Reporting the Specification Accurately

If you are looking to sell your Xbox online, it is vital to ensure that you describe the model and specification accurately in order to make the valuation you receive for your console is valid. With the myriad of different models of Xbox available and variations in memory and design, describing the console accurately is exceptionally important.

Similarly, being honest about the condition of the console is equally vital. The valuation received will not be valid if information about the condition of the console is inaccurate.

Why Not Just Auction My Console?

Selling an Xbox online for many people could mean using an auction site. Whilst this could attract attention from a number of potential buyers, there is always the possibility that it will not be sold. Given the amount of items listed every hour on such sites, it could be very easy for a console to go unnoticed.

Similarly, when using an online auction, you will be responsible for sending the parcel, which usually means a trip to the Post Office during your free time. Selling your Xbox directly could be so much easier, with a free courier service and a pick-up arranged on a convenient day.