Do you know the most obvious difference your own transport makes in your life? Well, it is the feeling that you actually have a “best friend” who is ever ready for you. Yes, no long queues for bus, no waiting, enough respite from inclement weather, easiest way to be together (if you happen to go with friends and family) and above all, you can plan your trip even in the remotest of places in style.

Yes, considering the extensive luxury and convenience associated with owning such a prized car, there has naturally been a massive increase in the number of such vehicles. Yes, the obvious difference could be seen during morning and evening rush hours. Likewise, considering the rising cars, there has been even a greater need for its maintenance in terms of its parts.


Before moving further, I want to ask you have you ever been in the following predicament?

  • Do getting car parts seem to be a herculean task where you want to purchase from a “renowned name” in an economical and quality manner?
  • Have you ever been duped while buying a replacement part with the promise of getting original product, only to realize it isn’t?
  • Are you looking for a convenience, quick, speedy and easy transaction worth your hard-earned money?

So, if you are in need of them, then I can suggest Boodmo to you which is an online portal dealing in buying and selling parts of all cars, you can name.

What is Boodmo is a hub of car parts in India with the sole idea to systemize the business of replacement parts so that shopping can be hassle free.

Yes, being an experienced dealer of cars myself, when it comes to price, quality and delivery, Boodmo simply manages to have an edge over others.

Do you know that by the year 2035, as many as 25% of the world’s population will be using their own cars which is a clear indication about not only the massive usage of cars, but its related aspect of how business of car maintenance will boom as well.

What does for you?

How easy it becomes to search from the available options of the car parts only to choose according to your taste in just few clicks? Yes, no hassle, no going out, everything is systematically planned and becomes easy, that spare part dealers (like me) as well as automobile owners are continuously experiencing possible the easiest times of their lives. Another great thing which I should mention is that the regular updates of items with fresh stocks gives everyone something to cheer for. The trait of a successful business is based on providing exemplary services on regular service and this is what has give me reasons to feel satisfied as well.

Their methodology of working

The site caters to the spare parts of different companies without particularly limiting to anyone. Detailed manuals make it easy for you to know about the product with frequent offers act as a bait to you. The website is mobile friendly as well and you can easily order from anywhere be it tablet, computer or mobile by choosing from the updated list of products on daily basis.

Why I have gone with and why you should too?

  • I have noted that they have18 categories with 14 renowned brands, which helped me to address wide range of issues relating with car parts.
  • As a buyer I was never required to pay additional amount, while this is the liability only sellers have to do away but with a very nominal charge. So, there is something good for you as a buyer.

I really don’t see any reason about areas which require for improvement. It is best as long as it is helping dealers like me to boost business in style. More so, I have been a part of other online portals in the past while searching for the best one, but I couldn’t get complete satisfaction, in terms of range, quality and customer assistance.