How Boaters Can Get Their Families Excited About BoatingIf one thing in life is certain, it is that boat enthusiasts will do anything to get out on the water. Avid boaters know all too well that precious boating time is often eaten away by real-world responsibilities, like work and family.

Though it is unlikely supervisors will ever allow their employees to move operations onto a floating craft, some families may be persuaded to participate in the boating life. Through a series of subtle and crafty maneuvers like the following, boat lovers may be able to convince their families of the joy inherent in boats.

Buy a Better Boat

Much like it is difficult to get psyched over an outdated computer, most non-boaters have a hard time understanding love for a vessel that is perhaps past its prime. Even crafts free from rust, barnacles, blisters, cracks, and the like may earn only sour looks from loved ones who don’t understand the strength of simple seaworthiness. To impress such snobs, boaters should look to upgrade to a newer and flashier model, if they can afford it. Alternatively, some boaters may own small vessels not capable of holding entire families. These boaters certainly must find a boat better suited to their new needs.

Buying a newer boat doesn’t have to be a complicated or expensive endeavor. Boat dealers can be difficult to deal with, but there are a handful of alternative sources that sell top-quality vessels at a fraction of the cost. In fact, there are plenty of excellent crafts available in auctions whose proceeds directly benefit charitable organizations. Still, no matter what vendor supplies the craft, a newer boat should be enough to excite even the least enthused family members.

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Shop for Boat Clothes

Interests in sports and fashion don’t often go hand in hand, but boating allows for the harmonious existence of both. Boating apparel is an entire sect of the fashion industry devoted to keeping boaters stylish as well as dry. Boat clothes come in a variety of cuts and colors, but each garment and accessory is as utilitarian as it is trendy; for example, sunglasses are specifically polarized to diminish sunlight’s glare off the water, and boat shoes must have excellent traction to keep boaters upright on slippery surfaces. Still, some family members will be less interested in the purpose of such clothing than they are in any reason to go shopping.

On top of the apparel worn on boating excursions, fashion-forward boaters can eagerly participate in on-shore boating looks, like the increasingly popular yacht style popularized by so many celebrities. Even if avid boaters have no interest in current styles, they can lure their family members in with the promise of pop culture relevancy.

Buy Exciting Boat Gear

Exciting Boat GearDifferent boaters seek out time on the water for different reasons. Some people like to fish, while others enjoy soaking up the sun, and still others prefer to engage in wet and wild thrills. Boaters can use these different types of boating to entice different members of their families.

Fishing is a rewarding hobby for those blessed with patience and an interest in nature. However, family members who are eager to cultivate skills should be easy to convince of the pleasures of boat fishing. Old anglers should have most of the necessities for fishing, but they may need to restock with additional supplies for potential new participants. To turn any boat into a fishing boat, the following are essentials:

  • Fishing rods and holders
  • Bait and tackle (which includes hooks, lures, etc.)
  • Extra fishing line in different gauges
  • Nets

Alternatively, boat-driven water sports are draws for almost everyone. Water skiing and wakeboarding are challenges to master, but even failing is thrilling and amusing, which ensures a day filled with fun and laughter. There are less involved activities, like tubing and swimming, for younger or less physically fit family members who want to join in on the excitement. No matter what activity boaters choose to engage their family members, they should procure all the proper equipment from a certified vendor to be sure about safety.

While stocking up on supplies, boaters shouldn’t forget to pick up additional safety gear for their new passengers. In addition to equipment required by law (flotation devices, fire extinguishers, ventilation, and more) boaters would be wise to include maps, extra clothing, blankets, flares, and flashlights. For comfort and convenience, boaters might want to impress their families with extra food and ambiance, to include music and fun decorations.